The D&E Division of Creative Arts music program seeks to enrich the cultural environment of the campus and the community through courses and performances that help promote cultural literacy, awareness, and appreciation in all who participate.

Three types of course offerings for the music minor lead to the primary goal of musical training and nurturing of the liberal arts student:

  • lecture-discussion classes in which the student develops intellectual understanding of music;
  • performance-oriented classes in which the student develops technical music-making skills, and;
  • laboratory classes in which the student gets “hands-on” experience in certain aspects of music.

Private and class lessons also are available in piano and guitar. Private lessons are offered in voice.

The Davis & Elkins College Concert Choir course is open to all students. The ensemble performs choral repertoire from all styles in Western musical history, and tours local schools and churches.

Appalachian Ensemble

The Davis & Elkins College Appalachian Ensemble, a student performance group led by String Band Director Emily Miller and Dance Director William Roboski, is dedicated to bringing live traditional music and dance to audiences in West Virginia and beyond. Composed entirely of students attending D&E, the group features an acoustic string band (fiddle, banjo, guitar and mandolin) and a team of dancers with a diverse range of expertise.

The group focuses on the intersections of different American vernacular forms and their roots, ranging from old-time music and flatfooting to jazz music and tap dance, to Irish sean nós dance, body percussion and numerous traditional American styles of harmony singing. The performances include a variety of regional dance styles, contemporary choreography, and a selection of traditional songs and tunes.

“Performing with Appalachian Ensemble is like building a community – not just among the dancers and musicians, but also across the region. In return, we are gifted with new tunes, dance steps, stories and friendships.” –Will Roboski, ’17, dancer

“Appalachian Ensemble does more than just provide a space for expression. It preserves and spreads the traditional arts of West Virginia and Appalachia in a way that is visually and aurally appealing. We respect those who came before us while holding in reverence our own interpretations of Appalachian traditional arts.” –Scotty Leach, ’16, musician


Student Scholarships

All students receive scholarships for their participation in the Ensemble. Auditions are open to talented dancers and musicians who are interested in attending D&E and performing with the Ensemble. To schedule an audition or to learn more about the program, contact the Ensemble directors at

Concerts and Workshops

The Ensemble performs at festivals and concert halls during the school year (September-May). The Ensemble also leads workshops in the basics of traditional clogging, body percussion and singing styles for both children and adults as part of its mission to bring traditional music and dance to a broad range of audiences around the country. To inquire about booking the Ensemble, contact the Ensemble directors at

“Seldom do we have an assembly where all students are attentive and appreciative. Not only did the Davis & Elkins College Appalachian Ensemble put on a performance that had the students’ undivided attention, but they had all students clapping, cheering and dancing in their seats. I look forward to see this troupe perform for our guys again in the future!”  -Erin Marks, teacher at Tucker County High School

“The D&E Appalachian Ensemble was a real treat to experience! They made an afternoon out of demonstrating captivating dance, spellbinding music and interactive, educational workshops. Both my band and choir were thrilled to work with them, and as a director, it was wonderful to see collegiate performers donning an educators hat! We all had a blast, and can’t wait for them to make their return trip!” -Denver Gaydon, teacher at Tucker County High School

2020-2021 Tour

2020-2021 Ensemble Members
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Music faculty offices and teaching studios are located on first floor of Jennings Randolph Hall, adjacent to the large, open practice room.

Additional small, private practice rooms are located on the ground floor of Jennings Randolph Hall.

The College has taken the first step in becoming an All Steinway School and recently purchased three new Steinways. The pianos are placed in performance spaces, teaching studios and practice rooms.

Music Student

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