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We appreciate that you want your gift to be meaningful and impactful.


From scholarships to classroom technology to areas of greatest need, there are many ways to direct your gift to Davis & Elkins College. Explore a variety of areas to direct your gift or make an immediate impact in an area of greatest need by giving to The D&E Fund.

The D&E Fund

An essential fundraising priority, gifts to The D&E Fund ensures that your gift is directed where it is needed most – when it is needed most. Your Annual Fund gift supports the entirety of the D&E experience, contributing to the areas of the College that directly affect day-to-day life.

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Each year Davis & Elkins College awards over $14.3 million in institutional aid. Most of this support comes in the form of scholarships that recognize the impressive achievements of our students. When you contribute to a scholarship fund, you are not only making it financially feasible for students to attend D&E, you are also encouraging the pursuit of excellence.

General Scholarship Fund

Approximately 95% of D&E students receive some form of financial assistance. This is the greatest need and also comprises the greatest percentage of the annual budget. As always, students come first at Davis & Elkins College and helping them afford tuition, room and board is a top priority. Your gift enables us to ensure that we have the necessary resources to recruit and retain worthy students.

Endowed Scholarships

There are over 180 endowed scholarships that have been created and funded by alumni and friends of the College (link to descriptions). Endowed scholarships have a minimum gift amount of $25,000 that may be paid over a specified amount of time or through a bequest. The funds are invested as part of the Davis & Elkins College Endowment Fund and a percentage of the interest is withdrawn each year and awarded to students who meet the required criteria as determined by the donor(s). For more information on creating an endowed scholarship, please contact Cathy Nosel, senior director of institutional advancement by email or phone 304-637-1339.

You may also make a gift in support of any of the endowed scholarships that have already been established.

Highlands Scholar Program

The Davis & Elkins College Highlands Scholar Program is a distinctive offering that provides a significant tuition discount to students graduating from a West Virginia high school. The amount of the scholarships is dependent on students’ high school GPA’s and the county in which they live. There is also consideration for those who choose to live at home versus on campus. More information on the Highlands Scholars Program is available here.

Gifts in support of the Highlands Scholar Program help keep tuition costs in line with state-funded institutions.  As a result, West Virginia students have the opportunity to experience a transformational liberal arts education that will provide unlimited potential professionally and personally.

Legacy Scholarships

We are proud of the multi-generational alumni who are part of the D&E family. Children/stepchildren and grandchildren/step-grandchildren of Davis & Elkins College alumni are eligible for the Legacy Scholarship.

Academic Success

Many of our students and alumni describe the liberal arts education they received and their close-knit relationships with individual faculty members as among the most transformative aspects of their D&E education. Our faculty are committed to creating a different kind of classroom- one where experiential learning and real-word experiences interact with traditional lectures and academic research. This combination reflects the liberal arts tradition while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in today’s society. Your gift in support of Academic Success will secure up-to-date equipment, classroom supplies, updated technology and so much more that is necessary for our students to be successful in an ever-changing workplace.

The Naylor Learning Center

The Naylor Learning Center provides tutoring and special support for students in three distinct ways: Academic Support, Supported Learning Program and Accommodation Services (504 Accommodations). Their goal is to enhance the experience of students with learning differences and to facilitate greater access to higher education. Gifts in support of The Naylor Learning Center are directed toward enhanced materials and technology that specifically address the needs of students.

The Arts

There is a long tradition of quality arts programs at D&E. Through faculty encouragement, students are inspired to explore their innermost creativity and passion for the arts. Myles Center for the Arts is the creative center for the campus providing a beautiful facility that is enjoyed by all, including the greater Elkins community. Your gift in support of The Arts will provide students with materials used to create works of art in all mediums, theatrical and film productions and musical performances.  

Senator Nation Athletics

The student-athlete experience is one that can’t be duplicated. Balancing academics with practice, travel and competition teaches self-discipline, organization and prioritization.  Couple all of those with coaches who are mentors, and teammates who become lifetime friends, it’s no wonder that athletics has always played a major part of the Davis & Elkins College culture.

Gifts to general athletics or specific teams not only helps support travel and equipment, it also conveys to the athletes that their hard work and sacrifice is recognized. We applaud their victories and feel the pain of their defeat but are always proud of our Senators!

The Senator Nation Endowment has been established to help raise funds for facility upgrades, team travel and other priorities for athletics. Gifts for this fund are invested as part of the Davis & Elkins College Endowment fund. The Athletic Director along with a committee of alumni volunteers determine the priorities and most urgent needs.

Special Projects

There are always special projects that need your support each year. From residence hall upgrades to student travel to Rise Against Hunger, there are many ways your gifts make a difference and help us fulfill our mission.

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