Alumni Achievement

Each year during Homecoming & Family Weekend, alumni are recognized for their professional achievements, service to Davis & Elkins College and contributions to society. The list of previous recipients is available below.

President with staff and student
Distinguished Alumna/us Award

The Distinguished Alumna/us Award is presented to an alumna/us who has made a significant contribution to society in his or her career. Basis for selection includes career advancement and related service to others, significant honors in one’s field, and commitment to the College.

David E. Clapp ’65

David Clapp graduated from Davis & Elkins College in 1965 with a degree in biology. As a student, he was a member of Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity and played on the Senator’s first soccer club team.

In his college entry essay, Clapp wrote about his perceived future life and career that he hoped would involve nature, teaching, research and travel. At the time, he considered all of those things just a dream.

After graduating from D&E, Clapp earned a master’s degree and taught molecular biology for a short time before being accepted into a physical anthropology degree program in Washington state. A family obligation brought him back to his home state of Massachusetts where he went to work for a conservation organization and began to realize his dream career was becoming reality.

Eventually, Clapp blended together two careers with the Massachusetts Audubon Society and the Smithsonian Institution. A respected naturalist and teacher who worked extensively in land conservation and habitat management, Clapp helped establish a state park, several wildlife sanctuaries and the Museum of American Bird Art in Massachusetts. He has taught at Northeastern University, lectured on strategies for land protection in the United States, Africa, Europe and Asia, and consulted for an array of governmental and conservation agencies.

For nearly 30 years, Clapp also has led Smithsonian Journeys adventures from pole to pole training naturalists and providing history materials.

On a trip to Tanzania in 1995, he and his colleagues visited the Kibaoni School – a temporary mud and stick structure used as classrooms. They soon went to work to organize a foundation to raise funds to build a better facility. Now, many years later that school is a beacon in rural Tanzania with 800 students learning the skills they need to prosper and succeed.

Previous Award Recipients

2019 Mr. David E. Clapp ’65
2018 Mr. Reginald “Reggie” Owens Sr. ’83
2017 Mr. Richard C. Seybolt, ’63
2016 Ms. Barbara Porter, ’76
2015 Mr. Mike Ross, ’61
2014 Dr. George M. Lauderbaugh, ’67
2013 Dr. Virginia “Ginger” Bowman Rich, ’74
2012 Dr. Romeo A. Vidone, ’52
2011 Mr. Jim B. Lloyd, ’61
2010 Dr. Robert G. Smith, ’65
2009 Mr. Phil S. Inglee, ’59
2008 Mr. Eric J. Nilsen, ’82
2007 Ms. Susan Colussy, ’67
2006 Mr. A. Bryant Applegate, ’77
2005 Mr. Peter H. Dougherty, ’75
2004 Dr. Donald H. Slocum, ’51
2003 Dr. Ronald A. Rollins, Sr., ’57
2002 Mr. Wendell M. Cramer, ’59
2001 Brig. Gen. Robert Murdock, USAF, ’69
2000 Lt. Col. Michael G. Dakes, USAF (Ret.), ’59
1999 The Rev. Dr. Neil Irons, ’58
1998 The Honorable Charles N. Clevert, ’69
1997 Mr. J. Keith Hiser, ’55
1996 Dr. Joseph Fry, ’69
1995 Dr. Gloria Marquette Payne, ’43
1994 Dr. John French, ’48
1993 Mrs. Elizabeth Guye Kittle, ’47
1992 Dr. H. Thomas Mullis, ’65
1991 Mrs. Peggy Talbott Wagner, ’52
1990 The Rev. Richard L. Huggins,’60
1989 Dr. E. C. “Gene” Sidwell, ’25
1988 Dr. Nicholas A. Pace, ’55
1987 Dr. Margaret Purdum Goddin, ’50
1986 The Rev. Dr. Russell D. Burns, ’51
1985 Mr. James K. Marstiller, ’40
1984 Mrs. Willetta Goddin Hinkle, ’45 and Mr. Howard H. Wolfe, ’36
1983 Mr. Gary W. North, ’62
1982 Mr. P.B. “Sol” Kampf, ’47
1981 Mr. Henry A. Rutherford Jr., ’31 and Dr. Kenneth J. Anderson, ’59
1980 The Rev. Dr. Felix Gear, ’22, The Rev. C. Newman Faulconer, ’31, Mrs. Claire Fiorentino, ’49, Mr. Vernon B. Harris, ’20, Mr. Nicholas Hahon, ’48, Mr. Calvin Morgan, ’65, Miss May L. Wilt, ’16, Dr. Sam R. Hoover, ’30, Dr. Mary Virginia Moore, ’40, and Dr. George Pappas, ’56
1979 Mr. Stuart Johnson, ’06, Mr. James D. Phillips, ’57, Mr. Harry Whetsell, ’18, Miss D. Mildred Beaty R.N., ’56, Dr. Stephen V. Montgomery, ’71, and Dr. David L. Kurtz, ’63
1978 Mr. James W. Wallace, ’33
1977 Mr. Carl G. Beard II, ’51
1976 Mr. Harry L. Shelton, ’34
1975 Ms. Leonidas K. Lovenstein, ’22
1974 Dr. Robert N. Brown, ’30
1973 Dr. Eva G. Goddin Cutright, ’15
1972 Mr. Hubert T. Marshall, ’26
1971 Dr. Ellis C. MacDougall, ’50
1970 Judge Robert E. Maxwell, ’46
1969 Mr. Earl K. Lyons, ’47
1968 Mr. H. Dale Ridgeway, ’41
1967 Mr. Edgar Smith, ’13
1966 Mr. Robert A. Allen, ’36
1965 Dr. N. Bayard Green, ’26
1964 Ms. Anna J. Parmesano, ’19
1963 Dr. Robert P. Irons, ’42 
1962 Dr. Nelson S. Knaggs, ’29
1961 Dr. Rowland C. Hansford, ’33 and Dr. Lindsey J. Phares, ’36
1960 Mr. Roy A. Delauder, ’41 and Dr. Irl C. Schoonover, ’30
1959 Mr. Vernon B. Harris, ’20 and Mr. Harness P. Mullennex, ’14
Senators Community Service Award

The Senators Community Service Award is presented to an alumna/us in recognition of service to the community which resulted in significant impact.

Dr. Andy Johanson ’63

Dr. Andy Johanson graduated from Davis & Elkins College in 1963 with a degree in religion and philosophy. As a student at D&E, he was a member of the football team and Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity.

Professionally, Johanson is a practicing psychotherapist, ordained minister and adjunct professor at Moravian Theological Seminary in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. With more than 30 years in private psychotherapy practice, Johanson has integrated the disciplines in psychology and theology. He is a clinical member of the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy, diplomate for the American Association of Pastoral Counselors, and an approved supervisor with the American Association of Marriage & Family Therapy.

With long standing involvement in Rotary, Johanson has achieved many honors including Rotary Exceptional International “Service Above Self Above Self ” in 2011, Rotary Distinguished Service Award in 2010, Rotary Four Avenues of Service Citation from Rotary International in 2009, Rotary Distinguished Service Award in 2005, Rotarian of the Year in 2004, Distinguished Rotarian Award in 2000, Past President of Blue Bell Rotary Club and Paul Harris Fellow.

Since 2010, he’s participated in Rotaplast, a non-profit humanitarian organization providing free reconstructive operations and treatment for children with cleft lips and palates worldwide. The medical mission trips have taken him to South America and the Philippines. There he is part of a team of surgeons, anesthesiologists, nurses and other volunteers from throughout the United States who each share their expertise to play an integral role in the surgeries. Johanson’s role is helping patients and families feel more at ease by playing with the children and reassuring their parents of the surgical team’s high level of competency.

In continuing to serve his alma mater and pay tribute to his former professor and academic adviser, Johanson helped establish the William E. Phipps Interdisciplinary Lectureship in 1995 in honor of Dr. William E. Phipps, the late Professor Emeritus of Religion and Philosophy at D&E.

Previous Award Recipients

Tower Award

The Tower Award is presented to an alumna/us for outstanding commitment and service to the College and its alumni programs. This award recognizes alumni who have gone above and beyond for the College. Basis for selection includes volunteering of time, talent and/or funds in support of the numerous student and alumni programs the College offers.

Deborah A. Larkin ’11

Debbie Larkin has filled many roles at Davis & Elkins College – student, alumni and an employee from 2001 to 2018. Throughout her career, she worked in various offices including admissions, registrar, athletics, development and retention. However, the position she calls a passion is that of veterans liaison officer in which she helped student veterans and their families transition from military culture to college life.

Seeing a need to give student veterans recognition, provide them with guidance in completing required paperwork and make them feel at home in the college setting, Larkin spearheaded the veterans program in 2010. Along with Curator of Special Collections Mark Lanham ’14, she also helped establish the Student Veterans Association. Serving as the group’s co-adviser, she assisted in forming ties with national and local veterans organizations, and partnering for activities on and off campus. Annually, the student veterans travel to Canaan Valley Resort for the Gathering of Mountain Eagles where they provide camaraderie to disabled veterans and their families while participating in winter sporting events. Larkin also helped organize a student veteran presence in the Elkins Veterans Day Parade and planned many Veterans Day ceremonies on the College campus.

Always supportive of campus events, Larkin served as a member of the Social Club and, along with her husband, Steve Larkin, participated in the host family program.

After retiring, Larkin continued her ties with D&E as a member of the NAC and helps organize events for the Carolinas Alumni Chapter.

Previous Award Recipients

2019 Mrs. Deborah A. Larkin ’11
2018 Ms. Maribeth “Beth” Headley Robenolt, ’82
2017 Robin White Rybczynski, ’86
2016 Paul Stirrup, ’60
2015 Ms. Karen Harmeier Berner, ’64
2014 Dr. William L. Turner Jr., ’72
2013 Finish the Field Committee
2012 Mr. Fred Fincken, ’62
2011 Mrs. Debbie Payne Fragale, ’81
2010 Dr. Frank M. Mele, ’58
2009 Mr. Clifford E. Marstiller, ’80
2008 Ms. Laura Constantine, ’81
2007 Mr. H. Flint Engleman II, ’90
2006 Mr. Gary Horvath, ’62
2005 Mr. W. Miles Runner, ’59
2004 Mr. Lawrence B. Hunt, ’67
2003 Mr. Robert Beckwith, ’67
2002 Mr. Tharon Jack, ’61
2001 Mr. John Whitman, ’50
2000 Mr. Robert Craig, ’49
1999 Mr. James Bialek, ’74
1998 Dr. Blaine Steensland, ’72
1997 Mr. Gary W. North, ’62
1996 Dr. Robert Rector, ’42
1995 Dr. Andrew Johanson Jr., ’64
1994 Mr. Ray Luce III, ’65
1993 Mr. Peter Dougherty, ’75
1992 Mr. Earl Rodeheavor, ’38
1991 Dr. George Morgan Jr., ’61
1990 Ms. Nancy Evans-Bennett, ’66
1989 The Rev. Dr. Jean Humason Henderson, ’64
1988 Mr. Robert Livingston, ’61
1987 Dr. Michael DiMario, ’60
1986 Mrs. Dorothy Blake Lutz
1985 Mr. Charles Potter II, ’68
Outstanding Young Alumna/us Award

The Outstanding Young Alumna/us Award is presented to a young alumnus who graduated within the last 10 years and shows promise in his or her profession and loyalty and commitment to the College. Basis for selection includes professional achievements and honors, community service/service to others, and commitment to the College.

Madalyn M. Humphrey ’17

Madalyn Humphrey is a native of Elkins and a 2017 Graduate of Davis & Elkins College with a major in human services and a minor in psychology.

As a student, Humphrey performed as a dancer with the Davis & Elkins College Appalachian Ensemble. This year, she is serving as co-director of the Appalachian Ensemble dancers, along with Laurie Goux under the direction of Emily Miller to continue to pass on traditional Appalachian music and dance.

Professionally, Humphrey is the executive director of Elkins Main Street, a local non-profit committed to creating an inviting and vibrant atmosphere in downtown Elkins. She also serves on the boards of Woodlands Development Group and Mountain Arts District.

Through her work, Humphrey maintains a continual presence in the development of the local community by coordinating events, and collaborating with non-profits, local government and local businesses.

An alumna of the Old Brick Playhouse Apprenticeship Program, Humphrey has remained active in local and regional arts programs as a volunteer, mentor and choreographer working with young artists to grow as actors, dancers, and young adults.

Previous Award Recipients

2019 Ms. Madalyn M. Humphrey ’17
2018 Ms. Kaia Kater-Hurst, ’16
2017 Ms. Kathryn R. Owsianiecki Hartmann, ’08
2016 Dr. Katie MacGregor, ’08
2015 Mr. Michael J. Knox, ’08
2014 Mr. Cory A. Toth, ’06
2013 Mr. Joel Richardson, ’10
2012 Mr. Wesley Withrow, ’04
2011 Mr. Lonnie L. Martin, ’02
2010 Mr. Aaron Seth Taylor, ’00
2009 Ms. Gail M. Rasor, ’02
2008 Mr. Curtis L. Metten, ’00
2007 Mr. Nathaniel Bonnell, ’03
2006 Mr. Scot McKenzie, ’96
2005 Ms. Kimberly G. Morris, ’96
2004 Mr. Scott D. Goddard, ’96
2003 Mr. Richard W. Shryock Jr., ’93
2002 Mr. Douglas A. Homer, ’93
2001 Mr. Kevin Yokum, ’93
2000 Mrs. Janet Slaugenhaupt Toth, ’93
1999 Mr. Richard Campbell, ’93
1998 Mr. H. Flint Engleman II, ’90
1997 Dr. Jeffrey S. Trump, ’88
1995 Mr. Mitchell Ellisen, ’86
1994 Dr. Gary Gregg II, ’90
1993 Mr. Barry Greene, ’83
1992 Mr. Joseph V. DiCesare, ’88
1991 Mr. Craig Deemer, ’82
1990 Dr. Jannette Abell Pepper, ’80
1989 Mr. Hugh Baird, ’83
1988 Mr. Andrew McCorkle, ’79
1987 Ms. Melissa Hambrick Luce, ’83
1986 Mr. Mark Caldwell, ’80
Crystal Mace Award

Considered the College’s most prestigious award, the Crystal Mace Award is presented in recognition of transformational leadership, service and/or character, and of unparalleled gifts of time, talent and/or treasure.

Dr. June B. Myles 

Board of Trustees Emerita Dr. June Myles grew up in Elkins. She earned a degree in physics from Hollins University and later served as president of the business her father founded, Myles Lumber Company.

As Davis & Elkins College has always held a special place in her heart, Myles began her service to the Board of Trustees in 2000. She has generously provided a vision for growth and a desire to bring the College and community together.

Many facilities on the campus bear the Myles name – the Myles Ahead track in The McDonnell Center and the George A. Myles Pool, named in honor of June’s father.

In 2008, the Myles Family Foundation of Elkins announced a gift to Davis & Elkins College: the Elkins Tire Company site at the corner of Randolph Avenue and Sycamore Street. The site is part of the original Graceland Estate once owned by College co-founder Henry Gassaway Davis. After months of planning and excavation, Myles Gate was constructed as a green space that reflects the beauty of natural surroundings and serves as a welcoming essence to the College.

In 2012, Myles Center for the Arts was dedicated following massive renovations that included new fixtures in Harper-McNeeley Auditorium and the creation of art studios for painting, drawing and ceramics. Completion of The Joni and Buck Smith Arts Forum added to the functionality of the space.

In 2018, Myles offered a $6.7 million gift for renovations to Myles Center for the Arts. The project will include a 5,200-square foot glass enclosed addition, a two-story brick rotunda and restructuring of Myles Plaza to feature grassy areas, sections for conversations and a tiered seating area that can be used as an outdoor classroom.

In addition to her degree from Hollins University, Myles holds an honorary doctoral degree from D&E. She serves as a docent at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City and is a rug hooking artist.

Previous Award Recipients

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