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To Lead The Way?

Graduate Prepared For Success With An Education That’s Purposely Focused On Developing Critical Thinkers & Lifelong Learners.

You’ll Be Immersed In A Community Where…

a small-town

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feels like

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Freedom & expression are celebrated

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And you have room to grow as a leader?

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You might be a Senator.


Build strong relationships.

Your community here thrives on deep connection. Students from all over the nation and world share a diversity of ideas with one another, as each receives personalized attention from faculty.

Love to learn.

Many paths lie open to you here. Each is a trail you blaze in pursuit of your passions, one that leads to a strong network of Senator alumni eager to provide engaging internship opportunities.

Take the lead.

Whether in sports or in life, ambition is in the Senator DNA. Build your leadership skills in campus governance. Apply them to making our world a better place.

What path will you take?

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With 45 degree programs to choose from, you can lead your own way.

Welcome to


West Virginia

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Davis & Elkins College has a close relationship with the city of Elkins.

Home to about 7,000 people, Elkins is a small arts community with cozy coffee shops, bookstores and independent storefronts, surrounded by the grandeur of the Allegheny Highlands.

The City of Elkins is an integral part of student life for Davis & Elkins students. It’s a safe, friendly place that feels like an extension of a campus you’ll find just as warm and welcoming.

“Can I afford D&E?”

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Receive Aid

Most of our students need some financial help… and they get it.

98% of D&E students receive financial aid, and a large portion of those tuition dollars come from our nine robust scholarship programs.

As a Division II school, nearly half our students take advantage of our athletic scholarship. Other programs support international students, creative arts studies, members of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), and many more.

Define &


When I knew I would be so far away from Texas for college, my Father said I would need a place that felt like family. I found it here at D&E. Welcome to my home!


Hamide, Class of 2023, Management & Accounting

Through athletics, you’ll Defend the Hills, working as hard in competition as you do in the classroom, and Encourage teammates and classmates with your strength of character.

Desire &

The Highlands Scholarship was definitely part of my decision to attend D&E. I was on the borderline of not being able to afford tuition, but Highlands, along with other scholarships, made it affordable for me.


Bice , Class of 2021, B.A. Computer Science

Richard Davy

You’ll find your Desire to live a life of purpose increase as you Engage in nurturing relationships with faculty and staff.

Defend &

Not only did the Honors Program help me realize how much I love my choice in vocation, it also allowed me to meet new, amazing people and learn new things.


Serback, Class of 2021, B.A. Criminology

Mason Fox

And in this arts & culture community, you’ll Design cultural experiences and Enlighten others through creative self-expression.

Design &

I definitely think there are more opportunities for students at a smaller college and you get more one-on-one interaction with professors.


Plum, Class of 2023, Biology Major, Green Coat Program

Jacob Currence

At D&E, you’ll Define yourself and become elevated to leadership.

We’ve been leading the way for over a century.

Both D&E College and the City of Elkins were developed at the turn of the 20th century by two U.S. Senators, Henry Gassaway Davis and his son-in-law, Stephen Benton Elkins. They’re the reason we call ourselves Senators, and why we call this beautiful place home.

Their entrepreneurial spirit set this college town in motion. Today, Elkins is a small but bustling arts community that draws thousands each fall for the annual Mountain State Forest Festival while Davis & Elkins College draws students from all over the world.

Lead the Way, Future Senator