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Whatever your passion, you can tailor your experience at D&E to help you become a leader.

Get personalized attention from faculty that feel like family.

Engage with a diverse environment with students from all over the nation and world.

Enjoy competitive athletics and immersive academics in a safe campus environment.

Explore the dynamic local arts community and beauty of the Allegheny Highlands.

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Build Your Interdisciplinary Degree

Some D&E students desire enhanced flexibility. If you don’t find the perfect path for you among our degree programs, we will work with you to customize a curriculum around your needs. Ask our Office of Admissions whether the Interdisciplinary Studies Program is right for you.

the degree

that’s right

for you.

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The D&E experience helped me transition into a student who wasn’t afraid to ask questions while still being confident within my own ideas and thoughts.


Johnson, Class of 2019

At D&E, you’ll Define yourself and become elevated to leadership.

Desire &


D&E helped me discover my passion for leadership and helping others succeed by offering leadership positions and excellent role models.


Davy, Class of 2020

Richard Davy

You’ll find your Desire to live a life of purpose increase as you Engage in nurturing relationships with faculty and staff.

Defend &


Being a student athlete at D&E encouraged me to do my best in my studies and build character by being involved in community service.


Fox, Class of 2020

Mason Fox

Through athletics, you’ll Defend the Hills, working as hard in competition as you do in the classroom, and Encourage teammates and classmates with your strength of character.

Design &


Davis & Elkins College gave me an opportunity to expand my creativity and learn from talented instructors, as well as fellow students. I will forever be grateful for my time at D&E as it is more than a school, to me it is a family.


Currence, Class of 2017

Jacob Currence

And in this arts & culture community, you’ll Design cultural experiences and Enlighten others through creative self-expression.

Desire &


Professors from the Education Department truly have a passion for teaching and they share that passion with prospective teachers, such as myself.


Ruff, Class of 2023

Anna Ruff

The Teacher Education Program prepares competent, caring and qualified teachers for schools in Appalachia and in the national and global communities.

Get the Support You Need

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Writing Help at the Writing Center

Get help from trained student tutors under the guidance of a faculty director from the D&E English Department. Assistance with all kinds of writing – from essays to lab reports, business theses, resumes, research projects and more – is provided in person at the Writing Center as well as online.

Supported Learning Program at Naylor

The Naylor Learning Center is across the hall from the Writing Center. Staff there provide assistance for students with learning disabilities through the Supported Learning Program. The program also assists incoming freshmen with the transition to college.

Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

The Naylor Learning Center provides accommodations for students with disabilities even if not enrolled in the Supported Learning Program. If you have a disability that is documented through psycho-educational/doctor evaluation, and you request accommodations, the College will abide by ADA standards; however, the services provided by the Supported Learning Program are more comprehensive.


  • Handicapped parking spaces • Curb cuts
  • Proper ramping in key areas
  • Restroom accessibility
  • Making accommodations by changing classrooms when necessary
  • Elevators in some recently builtclassroom buildings
  • Transporting students with temporary ambulation problems via security vehicles or golf carts
  • Moving students to different rooms in Darby and Gribble Residence Halls
  • Providing strobe lights for deaf students to synchronize with the fire alarm system