Are You a Senator?

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Diverse &


Our mission at Davis & Elkins College is to produce critical thinkers and lifelong learners.

Why? Because those are the people who may try and fail, but they also can adapt and grow. The ones who press on until they succeed.

But success for its own sake is empty. Senators are value-driven. They value deep and meaningful relationships, seeking to understand one another across differences, the sanctity of truth and the beauty of the natural world.


Receive Aid

Most of our students need some financial help… and they get it.

98% of D&E students receive financial aid, and a large portion of those tuition dollars come from our nine robust scholarship programs.

As a Division II school, nearly half our students take advantage of our athletic scholarship. Other programs support international students, creative arts studies, members of the Presbyterian Church (PCUSA), and many more.

What is campus life like?

Creating a welcoming atmosphere, where you can lead your own way.

Breland and Cortney Walton