Commuter Students

We recognize that our students are working to juggle obligations other than just academic work.

Caboose Cafe

As such, some students choose to seek commuter student status. Being a commuter student gives you the opportunity to earn a college degree without sacrificing other responsibilities. While D&E is a residential community, we hope that the decision to live off campus still allows our students to stay connected, engaged, and as always, an active part of our great community. Further, with commuter student status comes unique opportunities and resources to meet specific needs. Of course the entire campus community is open to all, and we hope that commuting students will continue to eat on campus and participate in the many social activities.

As a commuter student, you have access to all the social and academic resources as students that live on campus. In fact, there is an area in the Eshleman Science Center specifically for commuter students. The lounge includes comfortable furniture, vending machines, a microwave, a refrigerator/freezer, lockers and space to quietly relax and study between classes.

Many commuter students join student clubs and organizations.  With dozens of student groups on campus (and more added every year), there is sure to be something for everyone. Hit the gym. Join a team or club/organization. Pick up an instrument. Try out for a musical/play. There are countless ways for you to get involved on campus. 

D&E Dining Services offers the following for commuter students:

  • Discount on Senator Bucks (25 % discount i.e. Spend $100 + tax and receive $125).
  • Lunch Meal Plan (5 meals each week x 15 weeks = $500) in the Benedum Dining Room.
  • T&T Lunch Features at The Caboose Café every Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
  • Hump Day at the Cadillac Café with Lunch Specials (every Wednesday).