Product Design

Product Design majors at Davis & Elkins College can expect multiple opportunities in diverse fields.

The Product Design curriculum will be focused on application design, game design, and product design. We believe a program at the intersection of communications, business, art and technology will position graduates for rewarding careers.

Career Outlook

Students with be ready for careers in program management, systems engineering, software and hardware development, graphic design and marketing, film making, or motion graphic arts depending on their chosen focus. The student can choose from one or more of the following focuses for their degree:

  • Media design
  • Game design
  • Product design
  • Entrepreneurship for creative industries
  • Intelligent environments (IoT)
  • Web design and physical computing

The course sequence and capstone will recreate the production cycle from ideation to launch, with each of three 1-credit capstone classes ending with a “gated milestone review.”


Internships provide opportunities for Product Design students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom. These students make meaningful contributions to the internship organization for which they work.

D&E’s Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Product Design is very supportive of student internships. Students learn of internships through announcements from the College’s Office of Career Services & Student Employment, and the Division of Mathematics, Physics, and Product Design. Students also find internship opportunities on their own through family and friends, professional acquaintances, and internet sources.

D&E students may participate in internships throughout any semester. Most jobs are completed during the summer and typically last 10 weeks. Interns work with the Director of Career Services & Student Employment to develop an internship proposal. In addition to the work on the job, interns write a reflective journal and complete either a research or experience paper. All divisional internships involve some research in the literature of the field in which the internship takes place.

Independent Studies

Independent studies allow students to study topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Independent studies require students work closely with a faculty member in the area in which the independent study is to be done.

Student Employment

Student work-study positions are available. Contact D&E’s Student Employment Director for further information.





Almost all required Product Design courses are taught in the Eshleman Science Center.

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