Pre-professional students are advised to take a broad, general education program to gain background in the arts, humanities, natural sciences and social sciences.

Pre-professional programs require appropriate major and completion of other recommended courses. Most professional schools do not require a specific undergraduate major.

Pre-ministerial students may major in any academic field, but should enroll in a wide variety of courses in the humanities and religion, history, and cultural studies. 

Required courses include:

REL 101 Interpretation of the Old Testament; OR, REL 102 Interpretation of the New Testament
REL 260 Preaching

Plus one additional REL 200 level class or above

  • Plus at least two of the following:
  • BUIS 243 Not-for-Profit Leadership
  • Eng 325 Advanced Creative Writing
  • Eng326 Advanced Analytical Writing/ Writing for the Community
  • Mgmt 201 Principles of Management
  • Phil 140 Critical Thinking
  • Phil 203 Ethics
  • Psyc 412 Case Management
  • Other 200-level or higher course as approved by the Department Chair

In addition, an introductory course in Greek can prove helpful for the more advanced courses that most seminaries require for students seeking ordination.


Internships are encouraged but are not required.

Students interested in these vocations should consult with the Religion and Philosophy Program Coordinator and/or the Benfield-Vick Chaplain. Courses at Davis & Elkins College are open to students of any religion affiliation. Students who have completed these programs may apply for admission to the seminary of their choice.

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