Mathematics (including Secondary Teaching)

The Davis & Elkins College mathematics program offers you two tracks – pure math and math for teachers.

Typically, students pursuing a pure math degree also double major in biology, chemistry or computer science, while the math for teachers track helps fulfill requirements for certification in secondary school teaching.

Whether you want to be a statistician or teach geometry, the mathematics program at D&E will prepare you for a successful career. Coursework includes a strong foundation in traditional math classes, like algebra, analysis and calculus, allowing you to build toward finding your niche, in addition to writing, communications and lab science, which provide you with a well-rounded education.


The small class sizes at Davis & Elkins College are a huge advantage for students studying mathematics. Your dedicated professors are able to provide you with individualized attention in every class session, allowing you to become more comfortable with the concepts. You’ll also be able to engage in tutoring opportunities in The Naylor Learning Center on campus and in the local community. In addition to providing assistance to others, tutoring allows you to get extra practice and helps you learn the material better to build on your logical and critical thinking skills.

There are also endless internship and research experiences available to you around the world that allow you to learn new skills and deepen your mathematical knowledge. Students have participated in hands-on programs in supportive environments that inspire them to delve into new concepts and give them the confidence to present their work to their peers.

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