Management majors at Davis & Elkins College can expect multiple opportunities in the job market. Every company in operation needs professional and skilled management to be successful; this diverse field offers domestic and international opportunities.

Upon graduation they can expect to be able to apply for the following types of positions: management analyst, international business development, human resource specialist, entrepreneur, operations management, management consulting, director of philanthropic and other non-profit entities and more.

Management Concentrations


Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy; successfully starting and managing a business requires certain skill sets and competencies.

The Entrepreneurship concentration is designed to provide students the tools they need for successful startup and management of their own companies. Students will learn to write an effective business plan, including determining target markets, market share, sales forecasting, and construction of pro-forma accounting statements. Social entrepreneurship and its impact on society will also be studied.

Railway Heritage Tourism

The Railway Heritage Tourism component of the Management major at D&E provides students with the experience necessary to undertake and succeed in the railway heritage and tourism management industry. A concentration in Railway Heritage Tourism consists of the B.S. in Management and an additional 18 semester hours of Railway Heritage courses.  Recent graduates with this minor found employment within their field immediately upon graduation.

Career Outlook

The outlook is strong for management majors, with opportunities in strategic planning positions, entrepreneurship, not-for-profit leadership, and human resource management


Internships provide opportunities for Business and Entrepreneurship students to apply knowledge gained in the classroom while making meaningful contributions to the organization for which they work.

D&E’s Division of Business and Entrepreneurship is very supportive of student internships. Students learn of internships through announcements from the College’s Office of Career Services & Student Employment, and the Division of Business and Entrepreneurship. Students also find internship opportunities on their own through family and friends, professional acquaintances, and internet sources.

Students may participate in internships throughout any semester, though most are completed during the summer, typically 10 weeks. Interns work with the Director of Career Services & Student Employment to develop an internship proposal. In addition to the work on the job, interns write a reflective journal and complete either a research or experience paper. All divisional internships involve some research in the literature of the field in which the internship takes place.

Independent Studies

Independent studies allow students to study topics that are not part of the regular curriculum. Independent studies require students work closely with a faculty member in the area in which the independent study is to be done.

Student Employment

Student work-study positions are available. Contact D&E’s Student Employment Director for further information.


IACBE LogoDavis & Elkins College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE) located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, U.S.A. Click here for a listing of programs accredited by the IACBE. Click here to view Public Disclosure of Student Achievement 2019-20.



Almost all required business and economics courses are taught in the Eshleman Science Center.

Naturally, numerous local, regional, national and international business facilities are available for business majors to complete their required internships and practica.

Department Directory

Michael Bell

Adjunct Professor in Business

Paul Binns

Adjunct Professor in Business

Robert Burns

Adjunct Faculty, Business
Carol Carter

Carol Carter

Chair, Division of Business and Entrepreneurship; Professor of Business
Lisa Daniels-Smith

Lisa Daniels-Smith

Assistant Professor of Acccounting
Mark Douglas

Mark Douglas

Instructor of Outdoor Recreation

Priscilla Gay

Adjunct Faculty, Business
Alexandros Sivvopoulos

Alexandros Sivvopoulos

Assistant Professor of Economics

Cary Sponaugle

Adjunct Faculty, Business

Elizabeth Teets

Adjunct Faculty, Business

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