The History Program prepares students for a greater understanding of events, scholarship, and principles that impact our approach to society.

The program goals are:

  • to contribute to preparing people for effective leadership and useful citizenship,
  • to attempt to provide students with insight into the historian’s spirit of critical analysis as a means of discovering truth,
  • to encourage students to think independently, clearly, and with a minimum of bias,
  • to foster an understanding and a love of liberty,
  • to help students grasp the concept that with freedom comes great responsibility,
  • to provide students with a background and a frame of reference into which they may fit knowledge gained in other fields,
  • to emphasize the ecumenical nature of the discipline as providing a vehicle for learning to deal with the complexity of modern society,
  • to acquaint students with some of the writings of historians, and
  • to prepare students for the vocation or profession of their choice, such as law, teaching, journalism, publishing, politics, public service, library or archival service, diplomacy, the ministry, advertising, and as professional historians.

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