If you or anyone you know is considering nursing as a career, today is the best possible time to begin your professional education. The straightforward truth is that there has never been a greater need, nor more financial aid available to train our next generation of nurses. Call the Davis & Elkins College Admissions Office today to learn more.

The U.S. Department of Labor forecasts the United States will need 1.2 million additional nurses by 2030, making this profession the fifth most in-demand job in the American workforce. West Virginia, including our local region, is not immune to this growing need and lack of trained professionals. The COVID-19 pandemic made abundantly clear the critical and heroic role these women and men fulfill within our society.

Davis & Elkins College, with distinguished and committed faculty, has a long history of training exceptional health care professionals who serve our region and beyond. The Associate Degree in Nursing (ASN) has been a stalwart at D&E for decades. Boasting multiple years of 100% pass rates on the NCLEX, the standardized exam all nursing graduates must pass to be licensed, the D&E program is recognized for its high quality and integrity. We are excited to be completing our third year of a new Bachelor of Science in Nursing program (BSN) that has great promise for our growing department.  We will graduate our first BSN students in May 2023. In addition, we offer an online Registered Nurse (RN) to BSN program for working professionals.

D&E was recently awarded a grant of just under $1 million by the state of West Virginia to increase the number of nursing students and offer an accelerated program for their graduation. Our BSN program is now available in both an accelerated three-year format as well as the standard four-year completion.  Funds from this grant are providing additional scholarship aid, a laptop computer for each student, additional academic support, training equipment including additional advanced patient simulator manikins, and marketing funds.

Recently D&E announced new agreements with three health care systems in West Virginia that have offered significant financial aid to nursing students in exchange for a guaranteed job and work agreement. These partnerships include Davis Health System, Mon Health, and Charleston Area Medical Center.  The combination of financial aid available between these agreements, the new state grant, existing federal and state aid programs, and the Davis & Elkins Highlands Scholar program for West Virginia students makes a D&E nursing degree more affordable than ever before.

Discovering one’s vocation in life, understood as that which brings meaning and purpose to our existence, and marrying that vocation to a chosen career is a priority at D&E. Students entering nursing have already identified the vocation that is their calling. Devoting one’s life to the care and wellbeing of others is a high and noble calling. D&E takes pride in our nursing graduates caring for God’s children, whether in the beginning, middle or end of their earthly journeys.

As stated in our commercials airing on the local television stations, for all interested in the nursing profession, Davis & Elkins College has a place for you. Reach out today!

The journey continues….

Chris A. Wood
Davis & Elkins College