When Professor Emeritus William M. Gartmann and his family were told the news of the scholarship given in his name by an anonymous donor, there were tears. Gartmann paused and exclaimed in disbelief, “Wonderful…. unbelievable…. You can’t help but be proud of your students. They tell stories of what an influence you have been in their lives. It is a wonderful feeling.” His sentiment set the stage for a truly heart-warming celebration of the close bonds between students and their professors that often transcends decades.

Former students of Professor Gartmann are appreciative to have benefitted from the Integrated Studies (IGS) program he created. The Professor Emeritus William M. Gartmann Scholarship has been established with an anonymous initial gift of $50,000 to honor his leadership and efforts in creating the IGS program.

Professor Gartmann began his tenure at Davis & Elkins College as Assistant Professor of Languages in 1969. When he retired in 1985 his faculty title was Associate Professor of Foreign Languages and Grants Officer. He received the prestigious Lois Latham Award in recognition of his teaching excellence.

Professor Gartmann recently visited Davis & Elkins College with his family and friends. He reflected on his time at D&E, “You have the freedom to teach, to change and enrich students’ lives. Faculty are inspired at D&E.”

President Chris Wood said of this gift, “D&E is very proud to add to Professor Gartmann’s legacy and honor him for his lasting impact upon students. It is because of this gift that from this day forward, a student at D&E will be a Gartmann Scholar.”

Dr. David Turner acknowledged Professor Gartmann in this book, Davis & Elkins College One Hundred Years Honoring Our Traditions Celebrating Our Future 1904-2004. Dr. Turner wrote, “Gartmann left his mark as a prime mover of the Integrated Studies Program. He was highly regarded as an ‘idea’ man who helped mastermind the reforms of the turbulent seventies. Gartmann’s ideas were heavily weighted toward service and integrated studies. He also was a passionate advocate of academic reform.”

Recently, members of the alumni community shared their memories of being taught by Gartmann. “Professor Gartmann is a rare and unique individual for both his intellect and passion for education. He opened my mind to literature that excited my learning to this day. He is a symbol of the power that an educator can have in opening minds, creativity and passion for learning. Please congratulate Professor Gartmann with a firm handshake and warm hug for me.”

“Congratulations, Herr Gartmann. Well deserved. You taught us to expand our thoughts, to broaden our perspectives, to think critically, and to have fun and laugh along the way. The course Human Freedom and its Counterforces was only the beginning of our journey through IGS, and yet it captured all of the elements of a true Integrated Studies Program, as did each course as we progressed through four years of IGS. Everything we learned from your enthusiastic classroom teachings (and thanks for the meals you provided, at times), continues to guide us today. Thank you for your passion, caring, and love for the College and the students of D&E. Enjoy this moment. The IGS-fortunate alumni are cheering!!”

Gartman expressed gratitude for receiving cards from his students, “I still receive Christmas Cards! It’s wonderful still hearing from my students.”

Those wishing to honor Professor Gartmann are encouraged to provide a generous gift toward this Scholarship. Gifts may be made online or via check mailed to the College’s Advancement Office.