A group of Davis & Elkins College Upward Bound junior program participants recently attended the 21st Annual WV TRIO Student Leadership Conference where two of their classmates were honored for dedication to the program. The event took place at the Days Inn Hotel & Conference Center in Flatwoods with the theme “Let Your Dreams Set Sail.”
Highlighting the three-day session was the Dr. Anne Crum Leadership Banquet and announcement of scholarship winners. Jesslynn Hogston, a junior at Tygarts Valley High School, and Sara Stull, a junior at Pocahontas County High School, were selected as recipients of the Dr. Anne Crum Scholarship because of their dedication to the D&E Upward Bound program and their commitment to success. Crum was director of the Davis & Elkins College Upward Bound Programs until she passed away in 1999.
After the banquet, students participated in a TRIO Showdown & Throwdown with Tom Giggs of Lead Connect Grow, LLC.
WV TRIO President Chelsey Toms, academic advisor for D&E Upward Bound, led the programming to enhance student experience. During the conference, students attended dynamic workshops including “Finding Your Inner Bob Ross” with instructor Michael Tylor, “Relaxation? What is That!?” with Katie Lyons, and “M&Ms Baby” with LaRhonda Johnson, as well as an etiquette luncheon and “Be a Part of Something Bigger” by Angela Holley. In additional sessions, participants worked on strengthening communication skills, practicing diverse leadership styles and learning effective problem-solving. Students had the opportunity to practice networking by meeting other TRIO students from over 25 programs throughout West Virginia, Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Ohio. They also learned about the different TRIO programs and ways to advocate for TRIO’s mission. On the final day, participants wrote their stories to share on how TRIO has impacted their lives to support their advocacy efforts.
The D&E TRIO Upward Bound programs for high school students are 100% funded by two Title IV grants from the U.S. Department of Education totaling $768,419. The program serves first-generation, low-income students in Barbour, Randolph, Tucker, Pendleton and Pocahontas counties with motivation, direction and support to help them prepare for and succeed in postsecondary education. Services are free to eligible students. Upward Bound is an Equal Opportunity in Education project that does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, sex, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sexual orientation, disability, veteran status, gender identification, or genetic information or any other characteristic protected by federal, state or local law.
For more information about the high school Upward Bound programs, visit www.deupwardbound.org or call Director Carol Suder-Howes at 304-637-1989.

WV TRIO Conference

Attending the 2022 WV TRIO Student Leadership Conference from Davis & Elkins College Upward Bound Programs are, from left, Kevin Zhu from Elkins High School, Jesslynn Hogston from Tygarts Valley High School, Virginia “Jenny” Brown from Elkins High School, Tiana Martin and Emma Proudfoot from Tygarts Valley High School, Katlyn Simmons and Sara Stull from Pocahontas County High School, and Charles “Charlie” Brown from Elkins High School.