Davis & Elkins College senior Roy Gannon has a handle on staying motivated. In fact, her platform motto “I Got This” helped her earn the title of National American Miss West Virginia and kept her focusing on her goals while representing the state in the National American Miss competition.

Taking to the stage in Orlando, Florida, for the national contest Gannon showcased her talents in “optional competitions” – sectors that don’t count toward overall scoring, but instead give contestants opportunities to gain confidence in their presentations. She was named to the International Top 7 for the Actress competition and earned second runner-up in the National American Miss Actress competition.

“I had an absolute blast building new friendships as well as competing in the required competitions of Formal Wear, Interview and Personal Introduction,” Gannon said. “I am so proud to represent my college and West Virginia and I cannot wait to continue my community involvement and growth with National American Miss as Miss West Virginia for the rest of my reign.”

Much of Gannon’s involvement will center around her motto and explaining to others how they can apply it to anything in their lives. She’s developed a goal setting worksheet that helps people make their plan.

“You list three things that help you stay motivated, then you list why,” Gannon explained. “When you tell yourself positive things, positive things will happen.”

As a reminder to stay positive, Gannon hands out silicon bracelets customized with the hashtag #IGOTTHIS.

Her motto isn’t just a saying, it’s one she uses every day as a member of the D&E acrobatics and tumbling team, a resident assistant in Presidential Hall and as a student the Hospitality and Tourism program.

“Even if you had a bad day, you know the next one is going to be better,” Gannon said. “It’s also useful when you feel overwhelmed because it helps you stick to your plan.”

Gannon’s own plan and goal has for several years focused on success in the National American Miss circuit, an organization that promotes confidence growth and the harnessing of real-world skills. Competing since she was 12, Gannon was chosen Teen National American Miss Oregon when she was a high school senior.

This time around, the competition was different in a couple of ways. Instead of entering in the Oregon pageant, Gannon considered the time she spends at D&E and signed up for the West Virginia contest.

“This is where I learned to be an adult and I spend nine months out of the year here,” she said.

In our world where so much is becoming virtual, the pageant and outcome were no exception.

“Everything was online,” Gannon explained. “I sent a personal introduction video and my community service and had an online interview. All of that was submitted to a selection committee.”

After waiting more than a month for the results, Gannon received a text message telling her she had won the title.

“When I found out I won I looked at my mom with the biggest smile and said, ‘guess who’s your new Miss West Virginia’ and I proceeded to do a little dance while sharing the news,” Gannon said.

Although it was a few months later, Gannon didn’t miss out on stage time. She attended the Virginia and Maryland National American Miss pageants as visiting royalty where she presented to the audience examples of the different areas of competition. She was also officially crowned National American Miss West Virginia by National American Miss Anna Ross.

Gannon’s reign as National American Miss West Virginia extends until late August.

“After that I plan on continuing down a road of pageantry and growing my platform, as well as continuing my academic and athletic career,” Gannon said.

Roy Gannon

Davis & Elkins College senior Roy Gannon received a crystal trophy after earning second runner-up in the National American Miss Actress competition.