Business (A.S.)

An associate degree in business provides students an entry into a number of fields.

Taking only two years to complete, this is an ideal degree to provide a well-rounded core of business courses that can be used to further one’s career in such areas as retailing, administrative services to upper management, payroll or accounting services, and fields related to customer services and marketing.

Careers in Business

Management majors have found employment in a variety of business careers including insurance, retail, advertising, sales, government, banking, investments, entrepreneurship, consulting, marketing, health care, education and other areas.

A few titles that recent graduates have held are: Health Care Administration, Health Costs Analyst, Hospital Administrator, General Manager, Human Resource Manager, City Manager, Retail Manager, Buyer, Sales Manager, Customer Relations Manager and Advertising Director.

Leading the Way.

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Almost all required business and economics courses are taught in the Eshleman Science Center.

Naturally, numerous local, regional, national, and international business facilities are available for business majors to complete their required internships and practica.

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