Montrose resident Brandon Isenhart will hold the Snowshoe Foundation Highlands Scholarship at Davis & Elkins College for the second consecutive year.

A rising junior, Isenhart is the son of John and Tiffany Isenhart and majors in physical education.

“Receiving the Highlands Scholarship is a great opportunity and an honor,” Isenhart said. “It really helps me a lot financially and allows me to continue my journey at Davis & Elkins College.”

The Snowshoe Foundation serves Pocahontas, Webster and Randolph counties, with education as one of its focus areas. When D&E initially submitted a grant application, it was clear to the Snowshoe Foundation Board of Directors that the missions of the two organizations aligned and a natural partnership emerged. Since 2014, the Snowshoe Foundation has committed to the Davis & Elkins College Highlands Scholar Program with an annual gift of $14,000 or more.

“We think contributing to the Davis & Elkins College Highlands Scholarship is very important because it enables local students to obtain a quality education,” said Snowshoe Foundation Board of Directors President Voras Haynes Jr. “We’ve been doing this for several years and plan to continue the support.”

Haynes said the majority of funding for the scholarship was raised through the annual Treasure on the Mountain $250,000 raffle benefit. The event will take place August 7.

The Highlands Scholar program was established in 2009 as a means of making a private college education more affordable and more accessible. Each year, Davis & Elkins College invests $5.4 million in West Virginia students through the Highlands Scholar program. West Virginia public, private and home-schooled graduates who have at least a 2.5 cumulative GPA could qualify to receive between $60,000 and $80,000 in scholarships over a four-year period.

“Davis & Elkins is grateful to the Snowshoe Foundation for their continuing support of our Highlands Scholarship program which provides more than $5.4 million in scholarship support to West Virginia students just like Brandon,” said D&E President Chris A. Wood. “The Snowshoe Foundation is a valued partner that recognizes that quality education is central to developing the next generation of leaders to guide our economy and our communities.”

The Highlands Scholarship is made possible through the generous gifts of individuals and businesses, and is offered to qualifying high school seniors every year. Anyone wishing to support a Highlands Scholarship may call Senior Director of Institutional Advancement Cathy Nosel at 304-637-1339 or email West Virginia students wishing to apply for a Highlands Scholarship may call the Office of Admission at 304-637-1230 or visit

Snowshoe Foundation contributes to D&E Highlands Scholar program.

Snowshoe Foundation Executive Director Mystik Miller, center, presents a check for their annual gift to the Davis & Elkins College Highlands Scholar program to D&E Senior Director of Institutional Advancement Cathy Nosel, left, and Chair of the Sport Science Department Dr. Mary Ann DeLuca.