Officers of the Davis & Elkins College Black Student Union are ready to step up leadership efforts on campus and in the community after attending the REACH Conference at West Virginia University. The three-day multicultural student leadership retreat focused on promoting, fostering and celebrating diversity.

Attending the event were BSU President Charles Morrison, a senior from Buffalo, New York; Treasurer Leanna Trout, a freshman from Reedsville; and Secretary Alyssa Shine, a freshman from Morgantown.

Morrison says they learned the importance of following the three goals of advocating, educating and elevating students and people they encounter.

“BSU has plans to engage with the D&E community in order to help students become leaders of integrity, and flourish, not just in the classrooms, but their daily lives,” Morrison said. “Through the three main goals, we aim to spread awareness and education on Black culture, diversity and inclusion.”

Upcoming events for the D&E Black Student Union include a movie night on Nov. 12 and a debate on Nov. 16.

BSU Conference

Davis & Elkins College Black Student Union officers recently attended the REACH Conference. From left are President Charles Morrison, Treasurer Leanna Trout and Secretary Alyssa Shine.