Davis & Elkins College students will share their memories, reflections and analyses in the annual Writing Showcase in Myles Center for the Arts on Monday, March 28. More than a dozen students will present their work in four panels beginning at 9 a.m. and an open mic session is scheduled at noon.

The event is free and open to the public. The open mic, hosted by Aurora literary magazine, is open to all students, faculty and staff who would like to recite a short poem or excerpt. Original work, as well as that by a prominent female writer in celebration of Women’s History Month, are welcome. Presentations are limited to five minutes each. The session also will include the announcement of winners and runners-up in the 2022 D&E Writing Contest sponsored by the English Department.

Participants and their essays in the Research and Public Policy panel, at 9 a.m., are: Gabby Pealer of Elkins, “Becoming Proud to Be Human: Breaking Down Period Poverty and ‘Period Leave’”; Ricardo Salas of Weston, Florida, “A Corrupted Government”; Wesley Allender of Kerens, “The Silk Road: America’s War on Drugs”; and Rebecca Rodrigues of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, “The Reverse Effect: Are Videogames Making Us Depressed?”

Participants and their essays in the Memories of Home panel, at 10 a.m., are: Carter McKenna of Culloden, “Lower Cheat, Running Wild”; Eliseo Wotring of Hambleton, “Brotherly Love”; and Cyrena King of Morgantown, “Only Memories.”

Participants and their essays in the Looking to the Future panel, at 11 a.m., are: Zoe van Dijk of Apeldoorn, Netherlands, “Childcare and Welfare”; Roger Gabbert of Follansbee, “Alcohol Exposure and Children: A Slippery Slope”; and Maryssa McKisic of Jane Lew, “Leading the Way.”

Participants and their essays in the Impact of Place panel, at 1 p.m., are: Kyia McGill of Buckhannon, “A Different Kind of Home”; Kyle Hawthorne of Morgantown, “The Flowing Killer”; and Jacob Rose of Buckhannon, “My Home of Memories.”

The 11th annual Writing Showcase is sponsored by the Davis & Elkins College English Department. For additional information, email Assistant Professor of English Dr. Sebastian Williams at williamss4@dewv.edu.