Davis & Elkins College has been selected for a 2021-2022 Equity and Inclusion Colleges of Distinction honor for its dedication to providing support to underrepresented students.

Founded in 2000, Colleges of Distinction has advocated for schools whose undergraduate experiences are grounded in a philosophy of engagement, teaching, community and outcomes. This philosophy has evolved over the last few years to inspire the team at Colleges of Distinction to create individual recognitions that focus on institutions’ specialized services for students

“Davis & Elkins College cares about each of our students and works tirelessly to provide the best possible educational experience,” said D&E President Chris A. Wood. “To be honored for equity and inclusion by Colleges of Distinction is very meaningful for it recognizes the value we place on each individual student, and our strong belief that inherent within each of us are gifts and graces to be unlocked. Whatever challenges lie before us, with the proper nurture and guidance, great things await a D&E graduate.”

As an Equity and Inclusion College of Distinction, D&E understands that inclusion is just as important as diversity, ensuring that all students are given equal opportunity to thrive academically, personally and professionally.

Davis & Elkins educates its faculty and staff so that they can treat students fairly and with a conscious acknowledgment of their needs. Multiple resources are available in The Naylor Learning Center and include academic support services, disability services and the Supported Learning Program.

“Davis & Elkins has created a welcoming environment for underserved students,” said Tyson Schritter, chief operating officer at Colleges of Distinction. “It’s a tremendous opportunity to highlight the noteworthy support offered for students who might not otherwise study and thrive on a college campus.”

Colleges of Distinction honors Davis & Elkins College