There’s something a little more fun and upbeat going on at Cadillac Daddy Café on the Davis & Elkins College campus. While the look has changed a little and the menu has expanded, it’s the atmosphere that is attracting students to the area where they can grab a meal, hang out with friends, watch sports on a big screen or play a few indoor games.

Taking its normal break from service at the end of the fall semester, things were anything but quiet behind the scenes at Caddy’s while staff were busy working, planning and revamping the eatery and its surroundings.

“It is exciting to continue the Caddy’s tradition with a new fresh approach,” said Chef Melanie Campbell, assistant professor of hospitality and tourism management and assistant director of dining services. “I’m so proud of our intern Karin Rosario who invested her time and energy last semester and over break for this project. She is a champion team player.”

On Friday morning, a black drape came down to reveal the new layout of the service area and backdrop freshly painted with the official D&E red, a black and white check boarder, new Coca-Cola light and other touches. The seating area has taken on the feel of a diner with a sports pub twist, sans alcohol. Big screen TVs dot the corners, the pool tables sport fresh felt coverings and the ping pong table is equipped with new gear.

The first customers were greeted with a breakfast menu starring Joe’s breakfast sandwiches, a selection of made-to-order entries with options of Tater Tots, fruit cup or yogurt. To address dietary restrictions or preferences, the lunch and dinner menus feature new options including low sugar content when applicable, no trans-fat fryer oil and fresh quality produce.

Customer service has stepped up on the efficiency scale as part of an idea put into play by Rosario. Previously, placing an order took three steps from customer to kitchen. Rosario implemented a system to combine two of the steps, which will speed the process of getting food to the customer and reduce frustrations for employees.

To complete the full package and tie in her second major – marketing – Rosario added consistency to customers’ first interaction with Caddy’s. Employees received their official “uniform,” a T-shirt designed by Rosario featuring the Cadillac Daddy Cafe and D&E Strong logos.

“In all my hospitality classes I learned to pay attention to detail,” Rosario said. “When we started this project, these were some of the things I noticed that could improve the presentation and experience at Caddy’s.”

Breakfast is served from 9-11 a.m. and additional menu selections are available from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. The c-store is open until 10 p.m. with a new offering of grab-and-go meals for anyone in a rush. Students are reminded that they must swipe their card one meal at a time. Number of swipes vary per day depending on meal plan.