Political Science

Political Science courses are intended to increase students’ understanding of government and politics as authoritative institutions and processes that fundamentally impact their daily lives.

The program is designed for students who wish to enter government or politics as a career, as well as students who, entering other careers, understand the impact of government and politics upon their choices and activities. It is especially recommended for pre-law students.


Political Science graduates have gone into careers in government service, law enforcement, the military, the paralegal field, and teaching at the college and (with appropriate preparation in education) middle and high school levels.


Davis & Elkins political science majors have participated in two excellent internship programs sponsored by the West Virginia Legislature. First, the Frasure-Singleton Internship allows students to work closely with a legislator for one week during the legislative session. Second, the Judith Herndon Fellowship is a full semester experience in which the student spends 60 days working with a legislator during the legislative session. The student will spend the remainder of the semester working with a state agency.

In addition to the Frasure-Singleton and Herndon programs, Davis & Elkins College has a relationship with the Washington Center. This organization provides a variety of impressive internships with Federal agencies and non-governmental organizations in the Washington, D.C., area.

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