Theatre Arts and Theatre Education

The Bachelor of Arts in Theatre Art provides for concentration in acting or directing, plus a unique opportunity to pursue accreditation in Theatre Education. The Division of Creative Arts theatre program of Davis & Elkins College is fully accredited by the National Association of Schools of Theatre.

Acting Concentration

"Beyond that road lies a …" This eternal question is pondered by many in the profession of acting. The Davis & Elkins acting program leads you down a difficult and often laborious road. In order to better prepare you for the professional world of acting, we work with you to provide you with the tools of the craft and also with the ability to market yourself in this very competitive field. In addition to course work, we encourage and facilitate summer employment with professional companies throughout the nation. We achieve this through our continuing affiliation with the Southeastern Theatre Conference, which will provide you with an opportunity to audition for professional companies hiring for their summer and regular seasons.

Directing Concentration

This is one of the most demanding and challenging areas of theatre! You guide the actors, designers, technicians and the audience through your interpretation of the playwright's world of the script. You will be responsible for developing a vision for the script and unifying all of other artists working with you. We provide you with instruction to complete your visions! You will be working not only with the faculty, but also with the other students in the program to create solid, imaginative and entertaining projects culminating in the direction of your own production (or two) during your junior and senior years.

Theatre Education

Davis & Elkins College is proud to have the only accredited theatre education Degree in the State of West Virginia. This program is geared toward training secondary school theatre teachers. With new education standards, many states now require a specialization to teach a specific subject. This program has been set up to meet those needs.


Theatre is very demanding field. It requires a great deal of personal commitment and determination. No matter how easy it looks, it is a lot of work. It can also be a very rewarding career to pursue.

At D&E, we pride ourselves on preparing well-rounded theatre artists for a life in the theatre. We do not just train actors or technicians - our students are exposed to all aspects of theatre production. This helps make them more marketable and appealing to employers and graduate schools. It also leads to a greater understanding of the work being done by those around you.

Our alumni have found success in a variety of theatrical endeavors as well as other fields. The best advice for aspiring theatre artists is that it is never too early to start your career. Our students are strongly encouraged to audition for and attend the Southeastern Theatre Conference every year in order to begin building a network of contacts and a good reputation for themselves. It is never too early!

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