Office of Student Life Staff

Scott Goddard, Davis & Elkins College
Vice President for Student Affairs
o: 304-637-1352; c: 304-642-1352
Lowe Del Aviles, Davis & Elkins College
Director of International Student Services
o: 304-637-1311; c: 909-965-2222
Rev. Laura Brekke, Davis & Elkins College
Benfield-Vick Chaplain; Adjunct Professor in Religion
Davis & Elkins College
Student Life Coordinator - Resident Life and Campus Activities; Presidential Center Residential Director
o: 304-637-1297; c: 615-430-8230
Samantha Davis, Davis & Elkins College
Coordinator of Campus Life
Margaret Falletta, Davis & Elkins College
Director of Counseling and Wellness
Michael Jordan, Davis & Elkins College
Office of Student Life Specialist/Hearing Officer
Richard 'Dick' McGraw, Davis & Elkins College
WCDE Station Manager
Lisa Senic, Davis & Elkins College
Administrative Assistant for the Office of Student Life; Coordinator of Parent Relations
o: 304-637-1211; c: 304-642-5955
Lacey Wood, Davis & Elkins College
Student Life Coordinator - Residence Life and Counseling & Wellness Services; Gribble Hall Resident Director
o: 304-637-1410; c: 681-298-0750