laurie goux

Laurie Goux

Adjunct Professor in Dance

Phone: 304-590-1057
Campus Location: Myles Center for the Arts


Columbia College, Chicago, Ill.


Laurie Goux has been performing, choreographing and producing since 1981. She is an alumna and former faculty member of Columbia College Dance Center where she taught Modern Dance as a part of the core curriculum. Laurie has performed and taught at the Augusta Festival at D&E since 2010, teaching Blues, West African, Afro-Brazilian and Caribbean dance and lecturing on the African influence in Appalachian culture.

Teaching Areas

  • Afro-Caribbean Dance
  • Fundamentals of Modern Dance
  • Improvisation for Dancers
  • Modern Dance II

Additional Info

Goux has performed in the works of Loretta Livingston, June Finch, Shirley Mordine, XSight! Performance Group, Jan Erkert, Robin Lakes, Kate Kuper, Lin Shook, Tommy Gomez, Carol Bobrow’s “Hiroshima Trilogy,” Claudia Gittleman’s “Amartia” and Martha Clarke’s “Haiku” performed by Mordine & Company trio with Tim O’Slynne and Brian Jeffery. She produced “Suite Chicago Blues” featuring Max-A-Million’s rendition of Willie Dixon’s song, “My Babe” in collaboration with the DuSable Museum and Chicago Blues Museum exhibit and choreographed and performed in the Nation of Islam’s First Saviors Day musical production of “Trials of a Queen,” directed by Donna Farrakhan. Her dancing has shared the stage with many celebrated international music artists, including Max-A-Million, Youssou N’Dour, Mori Keba Kouyate, Queen Asabia and Rafo International Combo.