Sen. Manchin Makes a Town Hall Stop in Elkins

Date Posted: 

Thursday, February 1, 2018

WDTV - U.S. Senator for West Virginia Joe Manchin, made a Town Hall stop in Randolph County at Davis & Elkins College today.

Manchin addressed the crowd, talking about the conversations in Washington about infrastructure plans, boarder protection, and policies for DACA. Manchin explained why he voted against repealing healthcare, because, he says, fixing it is the better option. Than the floor opened up for questions, giving community members the opportunity to take the mic. Questions ranged from pipeline discussion, to planned parenthood funding. Manchin says that his vote is with West Virginia, but some people just hope that their conversations from today's event continue.

"I thought it was a really good learning experience. I look forward to talking to him more and kind of see what he is going to do about it all" says freshman at Davis & Elkins College Sadie Shields.

Senator Manchin hosts another Town Hall meeting in Benwood tomorrow.