Musical Heart Work: Retooling Appalachian Tradition

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Friday, June 10, 2016

WV PUBLIC BROADCASTING - This week on Inside Appalachia, we're taking a look at Appalachians of all stripes who are retooling tradition to create a brighter future. We'll hear from a family of guitar makers in Virginia, members of Davis & Elkins College's first graduating class of its Appalachian Ensemble, an enterprising young reporter who's working to amplify #WVMusic, one of the few piano tuners in West Virginia, and a group of folks from Letcher County, Kentucky who are bringing square dancing back into vogue.

Our producer Roxy Todd recently caught up with two of the first graduates of Davis & Elkins College's Appalachian Ensemble, Scotty Leach and Kaia Kater, both of whom traveled from far away to study traditional Appalachian music in West Virginia. We'll learn about how the program has helped both its students and the College grow, as well as the fusion of old time and more modern styles that have come out of students' scholarship.