Group Keeping West Virginia Tradition Dancing

Date Posted: 

Friday, April 14, 2017

WDTV - West Virginia has a rich history of community square dancing tradition. Down in Elkins, the Augusta Heritage Center of Davis & Elkins College is keeping that tradition alive.

The Mountain Dance Trail is a cultural heritage project of the group and they are currently celebrating their sixth season. The dance trail encompasses many aspects of the state all the way from the dances to the musicians.

"We are really lucky to have a very strong square dance tradition here in West Virginia. So all of our dances are to live music. Pretty much all West Virginia bands and West Virginia callers and we have a project called The Mountain Dance Trail that links local communities that have local square dance traditions," said Brittany Hicks, Associate Director of Augusta Heritage Center.

The callers are the ones who say which moves to do. Most dance moves are taught before hand and are announced while doing the dance, which makes learning them easy and making the tradition of square dancing for all ages.