D&E Students Looking Forward to Nursing

Date Posted: 

Saturday, May 9, 2015

THE INTER-MOUNTAIN - Each year, students embark on a journey to help others by entering into a nursing program at an institution of higher learning.

Megan Hall and Brian Bonnett, both of Webster County, are two such individuals who have aspirations of becoming nurses and are studying at Davis & Elkins College.

"I knew that nursing would be a challenging but very rewarding career. Knowing that medicine is changing and evolving everyday means that I can get to be a part of new advances and implementations of new and possibly life-changing practices," Hall said. "I chose nursing because I wanted to create a life for myself that I enjoyed on and off the job."

Bonnett, who is a junior and is projected to graduate in 2016, said he chose nursing because of the unlimited career growth it provides. He also said his mother is a nurse who graduated from D&E in 2007.

Hall, who will graduate from the two-year associates degree program on May 16, said she didn't realize how huge of a challenge the program would be but added it has been a rewarding experience.