D&E College Students Hopeful About 'Homemade' Sororities

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Monday, April 24, 2017

WDTV - After about a decade, sororities are back at Davis & Elkins College, but there's a twist. You haven't heard of these sororities because the students made them.

The vice president of student affairs says failed leadership with sororities led to their national headquarters disbanding them from the school. He cited financial reasons for why the national organizations didn't want to support them this time. But that isn't stopping the new generation of students. They're making a space for women leadership and philanthropy with "local sororities" they created.

"We're really trying to make just a positive environment for girls to feel comfortable and a place where girls can kind of step up and take leadership roles and expand their horizons a little bit," said Natalie Green, president of Zeta Kappa Xi.

Green is energized about leading the way, but she graduates next month. She's doing it more for the women who come after her.

"I'm hoping that they're willing to move outside of their comfort zone and make an impact on the community because this is their home for four years," she said. "So I think they should see it as a way of making their new community better than it was when they got here."

The student affairs VP says keeping up the energy in leadership is the key to keeping the sororities going. As for negative behaviors sometimes associated with Greek life, such as hazing, he says they support Greek life that's done correctly.

"If we start having issues and concerns they're gonna need to be addressed and we're gonna have to figure out how to move forward at that point," said Scott Goddard. "But we believe in Greek life done the right way."