Davis & Elkins College's GreenWorks! Club Completes Third Solar Panel Installation

Date Posted: 

Thursday, April 30, 2015

WBOY - Davis & Elkins College Center for Sustainability Studies has finished its third solar panel installation project.

The project is already seeing a return on its investment.

The solar panel installation project is a result of inspiration from the student sustainability club called GreenWorks!. The club raised all the funds with help from the student assembly to activate these solar panels on top of the Eshleman Science Center at Davis & Elkins College.

Total money raised was approximately $15,000.

"The idea is to be not necessary self sufficient, but having this possibility and showcase this possibility to put this up here, and power not the whole campus, but at least part of the campus," said Zachary Schmucker, GreenWorks! Club president."

The system utilizes a data logger to record electric production and communicates it to the internet wirelessly. The data is graphed, converted to equivalent household savings and pounds of carbon offset. It can also be used to demonstrate the energy savings of solar power via a QR code or regular web link.

GreenWorks! is the student sustainability organization of D&E's Center for Sustainability Studies (CSS) under the direction of Russ McClain. The CSS promotes green initiatives both on campus and in the community by sponsoring events, supporting local recycling efforts and providing opportunities for students to become active in sustainability research and community partnerships.