Davis & Elkins College is Recruiting for the State's First Bagpipe Program

Date Posted: 

Tuesday, February 27, 2018

WBOY - The West Virginia Highlanders and Davis & Elkins College are partnering to expand a unique musical program. The college will be home to the state’s first ever competitive bagpipe band and have the chance to travel for competitions.

“We had kids that were in high school that were looking for a college where they could go and continues to compete and possibly get scholarship money and continues on after high school. That’s when the idea, that sparked the idea. I always thought D&E would be the perfect place for that,” said Admissions Counselor Patrick McKay.

Students who audition and join the program can earn up to a $5,000 scholarship per year and college officials said the program will be a big draw for incoming and current students.

“I actually think getting folks involved is going to be an easy thing for us. There are several schools across the country where the pipes and drums are an important part of their curricular offerings. We will be recruiting from those schools, many of them outside of West Virginia that will bring folks into the state,” said Davis & Elkins College President Chris Wood.

Students involved in the program will have the opportunity to perform with the Highlanders during parades and special events. Recruiting at high schools throughout the country has already begun, and the program begins in the fall.