Davis & Elkins College Celebrates Conclusion of $100 Million Campaign

Date Posted: 

Saturday, June 30, 2018

WBOY - A local college concluded a decade-long fundraising campaign Saturday.

Davis & Elkins College celebrated officially reaching its mark in the Secure the Future Campaign.

The goal was to raise $100 Million, an amount they reached and exceeded Saturday.

According to school officials, 5,700 people donated the total $100.9 Million worth of gifts the school received.

That includes 14 donations of 1 million dollars or more.

“What this campaign has meant is that people believe in Davis & Elkins College. They believe in the type of education we offer, the transformative experience for students. And I think it was a vote of confidence, and (the donors) voted it with their pocketbooks. And ultimately, the beneficiaries are the students. Both today’s students and students that are going to come in generations," said Chris Wood, Davis & Elkins College President.

The money raised has already started numerous scholarship funds. It will also help expand the school and make it more affordable.