Davis & Elkins Presenting ‘The Dinosaur Musical’

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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

ELKINS - A madcap, jazzy prehistoric musical comedy is in store as the Davis & Elkins College Division of Fine and Performing Arts presents “The Dinosaur Musical” in Myles Center for the Arts Harper-McNeeley Auditorium. Show times for the musical, written by Willie Reale with music by Robert Reale, are 8 p.m. Wednesday, October 21 and Thursday, October 22; and 2 p.m. Sunday, October 25.

Tickets are $10 general admission; $7 for alumni, seniors, military and students; and free for D&E students, faculty and staff. Tickets may be purchased online at www.dewv.edu/arts-entertainment. For additional ticketing information, call the D&E Box Office at 304-637-1255 or email BoxOffice@dewv.edu

The play takes place at the end of the Cretaceous period when a giant meteor collides with Earth and wreaks havoc with the ecosystem. In order to avoid extinction, the dinosaurs sign a peace pact called the Treaty of Meat. For a time, there is peace between the carnivores and the herbivores. But when the wise Queen of the Tyrannosauruses suddenly dies and her none-too-clever 13-year-old son, Quincy, rises to power, trouble begins.

King Quincy leads the Tyrannosauruses on a terrible rampage. Carlotta Devries, a Parasaurolophus singing star, and her 13-year-old daughter, Mindy, narrowly escape Quincy's forces and take refuge at Swifty's Volcano Café, the clandestine headquarters for the dinosaur resistance. The café is run by Swifty Levine, a Triceratops comedian, and is staffed with a variety of zany, peaceable dinosaurs.

Through a combination of these crazy characters, heightened physical comedy and lowbrow humor, the dinosaur resistance and the Tyrannosaurus army find common ground -and happiness- with a little help from some common pasta.

The cast is made up of 17 Davis & Elkins students, all performing in specially designed, elaborate dinosaur costumes.

“We’re really having a ton of fun with this production,” says kb saine, assistant professor of theatre and director of the production. “It’s completely fantastic and really, very funny. It’s not every day that you get to work on a vaudevillian comedy with broad Borscht Belt humor ... with singing dinosaurs. We’re having a blast.”

For additional information, call the D&E Division of Fine and Performing Arts at 304-637-1212.

The Davis & Elkins College Theatre Program offers courses in theatre and theatre production designed to provide students with knowledge of and experience in an art form which has played a key role in cultural history and contemporary society. Three options are available to students working toward a Bachelor of Arts degree: Theatre Arts, Design & Technical Theatre or Theatre Education. The Theatre Arts program prepares and presents three main stage productions and three to five student-directed studio productions every year.

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