HalliehurstHalliehurst (circa 1890) was built by Senator Stephen B. Elkins as a summer home. The 16,000-square-foot Victorian mansion and the surrounding farm were donated to the College in the 1920s by his widow, Mrs. Hallie Davis Elkins, who was also Senator Henry G. Davis's daughter. Halliehurst has served many uses over the years: housing for a College president, a women’s dormitory, dining hall, music and art classrooms, and a counseling center. In 1985, a restoration effort was begun, returning the building to its original elegance and reopening as the administrative headquarters for the College in the early 1990s. Now a National Historic Landmark, it houses the Office of the President, Development Office and Office of Admission. The first floor is used for special events, including weddings and other private events arranged through D&E Hospitality Services.