Parent Stories

Student with FamilyDear D&E,

When we first took Hannah to visit Davis & Elkins College, we didn’t know what to expect.

Since our initial visit, we have told everyone we meet how welcoming and friendly the Davis & Elkins administration and staff was and how every resident that we encountered while in Elkins that day, promoted the College. It was great to see a community that is as proud of Davis & Elkins College as the employees who work there.

While visiting the College, we first met with Vice President Kevin Wilson and the girls’ basketball coach, Jason Asbell. They both made Hannah feel at home while reassuring us that the Davis & Elkins campus is a safe and secure environment in which we could feel comfortable leaving our daughter. Later we were given a tour of the campus and met more students and staff, and Hannah left with a positive attitude and a feeling that the Davis & Elkins family genuinely wanted her to join them.

Now two years later, it’s only gotten better. We’re confident and pleased that Hannah is receiving a first rate education in a safe, friendly and nurturing environment. Hannah not only feels like part of the D&E Family, but her parents do too!

Thank you Davis & Elkins for everything you do for your students and their families.

Charlie and Lisa Carl
Parents of Hannah Carl, '16
Romney, W.Va.


Student with Family

Dear D&E,

Our son Thomas came home one day and told us he had attended a college visit at his high school. He was thrilled to tell us what he learned about Davis & Elkins College. He showed us the website and was beginning to seriously think about his future.

One day, a few weeks later, he was on the computer and asking me questions from the other room. He came downstairs and said, "Well, I applied to Davis & Elkins!” Just like that! Within minutes, he got a text from a number he didn't recognize in a WV area code, so he called a friend who attended D&E and confirmed it was okay to answer it. It was Assistant Director of Admission, Chris Randolph!

We visited Elkins to see the campus and get a feel for what would be in store should he attend. After arriving and walking around, we felt like it was a place we would feel comfortable leaving him. After speaking with Chris that day, there was NO doubt in our minds this would happen for Thomas. How thrilling for us all!

The first year has definitely been challenging, but there is no doubt that Thomas has grown as a young man, and student. He has become active in campus activities and looks forward to what the upcoming year has in store for him.

I can honestly say that having your student more than three hours away can sometimes be a challenge, but knowing that he is in the Davis & Elkins environment is comforting. We have come to know many of the staff and know that if we ever have any questions, we just need to ask.

Over this year, from Chris Randolph, to Lisa Senic, Matt Summers, Josh Stump, and Scott Goddard we have nothing but positive things to report. They are just a handful of the many we have spoken to and dealt with on a regular basis.

Thank you Davis & Elkins for the fine campus environment and education you provide your students.

Monica & Craig Robbins
Parents of Thomas Robbins, '16
Culpeper, Va.


Student with FamilyDear D&E,

I can’t believe Ethan’s already finished his freshman year at D&E and what a wonderful experience this has been! It seems like just yesterday when we were starting to look at colleges. We had traveled to several different schools and while some were immediately not a fit and others were serious options, nothing seemed to be “just right.” Then, in early spring, Ethan had to come to Davis & Elkins to take his SAT. Up to that point, D&E was not an option in Ethan’s mind. Having grown up in Buckhannon, Elkins (being the neighboring town) and B-U were mortal school enemies. After driving through campus and looking around a bit, he decided to visit here, and as they say, the rest is history…

From the minute we walked into Halliehurst and met with Kara Fisher and Kevin Wilson, they made us feel very welcome. We got to speak with Professor Henderson from the business department and Coach Westbrook to discuss the possibility of Ethan playing basketball there. Afterwards, during the campus tour, we met so many great people on staff that all truly showed an interest in Ethan. We felt that no one there looked at him as “just another possible student.” As soon as we got back to the car, Ethan looked at me and said “Mom, this is it, here is where I want to go.”

This whole experience has been fantastic for Ethan and for us. I’m firmly convinced that the D&E family is what makes this school so special. As Ethan’s parents, we are especially thankful for Dr. Moudry and his excellent math courses, and for Professor Henderson, who’s been a wonderful source of information for Ethan in planning his career path. Whether we’ve needed help from the administrative or finance offices, or Ethan has needed anything from a professor or anyone on staff, our requests have been handled with the utmost care. And a very special thanks to Lisa Senic, not just for being Ethan’s and the Senators #1 fan, but because of the special care she gives to each and every one of the students on campus. I know in my heart that if Ethan would ever need anything and couldn’t reach us right away, that she would be there to help in whatever way she could. As a parent it’s so comforting to know that our child has such a great support system at his “home away from home.”

Blessings to the D&E family…

Anita and Rick White
Parents of Ethan White, '15
Buckhannon, W.Va.