Care Packages

Let them know you are thinking about them. We have a variety of care packages that can be personalized just for your student - holiday, birthday, get well and “Just because." Whether you are close to home or far away, put a smile on their face by surprising them with a care package today.

All packages are $25 each.


2018-2019 Seasonal Gift Packages

October: Happy Halloween
assorted Halloween candy and snacks, juice, personalized greeting card
November: Happy Harvest
pumpkin snack cakes, cinnamon coffee cake in a cup, apples, caramel cups, trail mix, candy corn, apple and caramel lollipops, apple juice, little pumpkin for decorating, markers and paint, personalized greeting card
December: Exam Cram
mac & cheese cups, microwave popcorn, cup of noodles or ramen, pretzels, chips, granola bars, cookies, two sodas or waters, personalized greeting card
January: Gettin' Cozy
microwavable soup mug, soup, oatmeal, fluffy socks (girls), gloves and hand warmers (guys), fleece blanket, personalized greeting card
February: Happy Valentine’s Day
assorted Valentine candy and other items, two sodas or waters, personalized greeting card
March: Over the Rainbow
colorful treats and more (ex. Skittles®, Starburst®, fruit flavored Tic Tac®, gel pens, etc.), personalized greeting card
April: Happy Easter
chocolate bunny, marshmallow Peeps®, Easter eggs, jelly beans, basket and Easter grass, small stuffed animal, personalized greeting card


Healthy Snacking

Pick three items and a drink: fruit and cheese cup, fruit cup, yogurt cup, celery/carrot sticks with ranch dip, pretzels, hummus and pita chips, peanut butter filled pretzels, Vitamin water, water, caffeine free soda, personalized greeting card


Birthday Cake Package

Birthday Cake Package8-inch round cake, 6-pack of favorite soda or water, birthday plates and napkins, plastic utensils, personalized birthday card



Get Well Package

Get Well PackageCampbell's chicken noodle soup and crackers, bottled water, orange juice, tea bags, cough drops, tissues, ibuprofen, personalized get well card




To Order

To order a care package, contact Coordinator of Parent Relations Lisa Senic at 304-637-1211 or email. Please contact Lisa if you have questions or have ideas on how to improve our gift packages.