New Student OrientationNew Student Orientation is designed - through a series of events and activities - to help you transition successfully into college life and to learn about the wide range of opportunities that Davis & Elkins has to offer.

At the heart of New Student Orientation lies the entire D&E community’s commitment to ensuring that you are successfully integrated into your new community and your new environment. Davis & Elkins College faculty, staff and students want your initial experience of college to be a positive one, setting the stage for a successful D&E career.

Through New Student Orientation, you will find out more about what will be expected of you as a college student both in and outside the classroom. You will be challenged to reflect on the many choices that lie ahead and how the decisions you make regarding these choices will influence both your academic performance and the contributions you are able to make to the Davis & Elkins community.

Click here for the fall 2018 Orientation schedule.

Click here for a PDF of the fall 2018 Orientation brochure.