Maintaining Your F-1 Status

Keep Your Passport Valid 

International StudentsMake sure your passport is valid at all times. Renewal applications must be made with the Embassy or Consulate of the country issuing the passport. You will need a certification of student status from Davis & Elkins College (this can be obtained from the Office of Admission). Addresses of embassies and consulates are available from the U.S. Department of State website at

Report Address Changes 

You are required report any address change to the International Student Services within 10 days of the address change. If you are subject to the U.S. Government's Special Registration Procedures, you must also report address changes within 10 days to the government.

Obtain Prior Authorization from the International Counselor to Drop Below a Full Course of Study 

You are required to pursue a full course of study during normal enrollment periods (fall, winter and spring semesters). Full-time at Davis & Elkins College is 12 credit hours. You are allowed to deviate from this full course of study only with PRIOR authorization from International Student Services, and only under very limited circumstances.

Report Departure Date and Reason to International Student Services

If for any reason you will be leaving the College early or unexpectedly, before the date on your I-20, (early graduation, leave of absence, suspension, expulsion or family emergencies) you are required to inform International Student Services and provide the reason for doing so.

Abide by Employment Regulations 

Students may work no more than 20 hours per week on campus while school is in session. You are not permitted to work off campus without receiving PRIOR authorization from the U.S. Federal Government and/or International Student Services depending upon your visa status type.

Apply for an Extension of Program

You must apply for an extension of your program prior to the expiration date on your form I-20 if you cannot complete your program by that date. Requests for extensions should be submitted prior to the expiration date of the Form I-20 so the extension process can be completed prior to the expiration date on the document F-1.

Change Your Academic Program or Degree Level

You must obtain a new I-20 if you change your academic program from one major/field of study to another (e.g., from criminal justice to biology). You must receive a new I-20 from International Student Services.

Receive Authorization to Travel 

You must notify International Student Services prior to traveling outside the U.S. so that the I-20 can be endorsed for travel. Students must notify International Student Services as soon as you know the anticipated travel date.

Report Dependents 

You must notify International Student Services if you will be adding or deleting a dependent due to marriage, divorce, birth of a child or a dependent moving to the United States to live with you.

Report Changes in Financial Information 

You are required to report any change in who is paying for your education.