The Scarlett Hurricanes

Cam Henderson and the Scarlet Hurricanes
Cam Henderson and the Scarlet Hurricanes

In his book, Davis & Elkins College: The Diamond Jubilee History , Dr. Thomas Richard Ross gives credit to Kent Kessler, who, in his history of athletics in West Virginia, wrote:

"In this year of 1923 an athletic hurricane was born up in Randolph County hills which swept through the country, playing havoc with many great institutions. It was called the Scarlet Hurricane of Davis & Elkins College and the force was generated by Cam Henderson and his famous football and basketball teams."

That was the year when D&E's football team was undefeated and untied, winning all eight scheduled games. "Such scores as 47-3 (D&E-Salem), 52-0 (D&E-Fairmont), 54-0 (D&E-Morris Harvey), 51-0 (D&E-West Virginia Tech)," Ross went on to write, "doubtless explain why the losers felt they had been hit by a hurricane."

Maravich and FederovitchThe days of the Scarlet Hurricane are remarkable in D&E history. They lasted from the time Cam Henderson joined the college as Coach of All Men's Sports in 1923 until well into the 1930s and the Great Depression. It was a heyday for the small school, with wins over the likes of Army, George Washington University, West Virginia University, and Navy. The College earned a national reputation in football and basketball, and started a proud athletic tradition.

Today, Davis & Elkins College athletic teams are not known as the Scarlet Hurricane, but as the Senators. Despite its size, D&E has continued to attract coaches and student-athletes whose records have made significant contributions to their game - Cam Henderson, Red Brown, Carl Payne, Press Maravich, Greg Myers, Hank Steinbrecher, Cindy Stinger - and others.