Outreach Programs

For the community served by Davis & Elkins College, we propose a multi-faceted approach to encourage entrepreneurial activity throughout the region by implementing community outreach programs to develop and strengthen small businesses in and around Randolph and adjoining counties.

Hospitality ServicesIt is our belief that this type of approach will strengthen the economic base of the region, develop businesses that are ready and capable of being successful in the 21st century economy, and provide wealth creation opportunities to those who choose to start their own businesses.

Women in Business

The Women in Business program is especially tailored to address the issues, opportunities, and challenges faced by today’s female entrepreneur. The program’s goal is to facilitate the startup and growth of women-owned businesses in West Virginia, and to serve as a clearinghouse for education, training, mentoring, and outreach to potential and current female business owners.

Family Business Forum

A Family Business Forum is being created to deal with specific issues that impact family owned businesses and to be a valuable resource for entrepreneurs looking to successfully operate and expand a family business. The Forum offers practical, interactive programs and networking opportunities designed to promote future business success. It will be offered several times a year through seminars and breakfast meetings. Topics will include:

  • Managing the Process of Change – The transition of leadership from one generation to another in a family business.
  • Trust Building – The use of family meetings and the development of the family council, including types of family councils and the implementation of council actions.
  • Succession Revisited – Empowering a succession committee. 
  • Future Issues Affecting a Family – Owned business in a changing world.
  • Conflicts Between Generations
  • Reward and Compensation Strategies for Family and Non-family Employees

Community Training Programs

The Center collaborates with local and regional non-profit and governmental agencies to develop specialized one-on-one training for small businesses. For more information, please email the Center Director.