Academic Programs

For the students at Davis & Elkins College the Center provides:

  • Graceland InnClassroom and field experiences designed to encourage and enable a business career in either private industry, the public sector, or through owning one’s own business.
  • An entrepreneurial focus in all we do, including requiring Entrepreneurship – MGMT 393 – as a core course for all our business majors.
  • A Concentration in Entrepreneurship with the Management major, consisting of classes focusing on Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Creativity, Small Business Management, and Social Entrepreneurship.
  • Collaborative projects with local and regional government and other non-profit organizations designed to stimulate economic growth and small business development.
  • Internship opportunities for all business majors.
  • Senior capstone courses in each major which allow students to exhibit learning outcomes have been met throughout the course of their college experience.