Presbyterian Partnerships

Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church

Davis Memorial Presbyterian Church

Located at the entrance to the College, DMPC’s history is integrally tied to the College’s own history. In 1894, Henry Gassaway Davis provided the funds to build the current church building as a memorial to his mother, and Steven Benton Elkins’ family provided the Tiffany stained glass windows.

Today, the College and DMPC see each other as crucial partners in their individual missions and enjoy a growing and mutually-supportive relationship. In the past, DMPC’s co-pastor has served as D&E’s Benfield-Vick Chaplain as part of his call to DMPC. Additional efforts that reflect the commitment to mutual mission include:

  • DMPC provides space for fellowship, discussion and study, and reflection; 
  • D&E Concert Choir performances and other events are held at DMPC throughout the year,
  • Regular prayers for the students and the College.

Broader Denominational Connections

The College’s Coordinator of Church Relations, Tina Vial, is building relationships with congregations throughout the area, seeking intersections of interests that complement the mission of both the congregation and the College. These partnerships take the form of internships, mentoring, leadership development opportunities for students, invitations to members of congregations as professional speakers in classrooms or at events, venues for the D&E Choir, scholarship support, host family arrangements, and more. As a member of the Association of Presbyterian Colleges and Universities, we maintain relationships with other PC(USA)-related educational institutions to share best practices, trends and developments in the field that will allow us to better serve our students. 

As the only PC(USA)-related college within the bounds of the Presbytery of West Virginia, we have significant historical ties with this Presbytery. Through our long-standing covenant relationships with both the Presbytery and the Synod of the Trinity, our historical roots are getting stronger than ever and taking shape in a variety of new ways. 

Presbytery of WV                           Synod of the Trinity                                       PC(USA)


Presbyterians have always regarded education as a core value. If you or your congregation is interested in supporting or establishing a scholarship in memory or in honor of someone or of your church, please be in touch with our Development Office staff. We stand ready to help you bring that to fruition. If you would like to make a contribution, click here.

Tina Vial


For more information, contact:

Tina Vial
Assistant Director of Development Support and Coordinator of Church Relations
Office: 304-637-1354
Cell: 304-997-4284
Email: viala