Campus Life

Many students describe coming to Davis & Elkins College as coming home.

Community life at D&E, like academic life, aims high. A D&E education extends from the classroom into the library, dining room, recreational spaces, campus organizations, and the West Virginia outdoors. At D&E, not only do you shape your education, you shape the community in which you live. That's what makes it home.

Student Life Mission Statement

To provide services and programs that engage students in active learning, build a supportive and inclusive community, support the emotional growth and personal development of students, and make a positive contribution to the quality of student life.

To achieve this Mission we endeavor to:

  • Create caring, safe and healthy environments that support student learning;
  • Provide innovative opportunities for student learning, especially in the areas of leadership, service, and teamwork;
  • Promote individual student achievement and excellence in academic pursuits and beyond;
  • Invite individual and collective discovery through relationships, partnerships and collaborations with students, faculty, staff, parents and other members of our community;
  • Challenge students to understand, embrace, and act in accordance with their responsibilities as members of a diverse, global community.