Amy Mattingly

Amy Mattingly, Davis & Elkins College

Amy Mattingly
Interim Director of Information Services
Location: Booth Library
Phone: 304-637-1233

What I Find Rewarding About D&E:

Spending time with students who are in the process of exploring, learning and discovering themselves and the world keeps me on my toes and young at heart.

Amy provides oversight and management of Davis & Elkins College's information, whether it is email, paper-based snail mail or research and discovery in Booth Library.


  • M.S. Management of Information Systems, George Washington University, Washington, D.C.
  • B.A. Psychology, Smith College, Northampton, Mass.


Amy was named director of information services at D&E in 2011, and director of Booth Library and office services in 2012. Prior to joining the College, she spent 10 years as a workstation, network and system administrator in Washington, D.C. law firms, starting as help desk staff and a technical writer/trainer through designing, installing and planning 500+ node networks.