Mark Lanham

Mark Lanham, Davis & Elkins College

Mark Lanham
Curator, The Stirrup Gallery
Location: Myles Center for the Arts
Phone: o: 304-637-1980; c: 304-642-6705

What I Find Rewarding About D&E:

The family atmosphere, the willingness of faculty and staff to help anyone and everyone, and the pride everyone shows for D&E.

Mark serves the College as curator, focusing on The Stirrup Gallery. His responsibilities include serving as a curator, restorationist, preservationist, cataloger and tour guide. Originally established in 2013 as a home to the 10,000-plus North American treasures of The Darby Collection, The Stirrup Gallery has continued to grow to include eight additional collections – the Lincoln Collection, Howard-Sudbrink Collection, Eleanor Gay Collection, Foster Collection, Senator Davis Collection, Swezy Collection, Gary North Collection and J. Richard & Dotty S. Kendig Collection.


  • B.A. Sustainability Studies, Davis & Elkins College


Prior to his time at D&E, Mark served 23 and half years in the Marine Corps Infantry.


  • Member, West Virginia Association of the Museums
  • Member, American Alliance of Museums