Regardless of the medium in visual arts that interests you, the Davis & Elkins College Art Department provides the place you’ll need to be creative.

Located on the lower level of Myles Center for the Arts, the recently renovated work area features artistic architectural details and includes studio spaces for drawing/painting, printmaking and ceramics, technology labs, classrooms and offices. Complementing the area is student artwork, arranged in glass display cases and gracing the walls of the hallways.

A bright and spacious studio provides plenty of room for painting, drawing and design. An expansive ceramic and sculpture studio houses pottery wheels as well as space for mold making and clay mixing. There is also space dedicated for printmaking, including the tools necessary for etching, lino-cutting, woodcutting and screenprinting. The Mac Lab, designed with students in mind, offers resources for graphic design and digital photography.

Art Department areas are available for you to work in even when a class is not in session.

In addition to space for making art, you’ll have access to an area for making a living as an artist. Arts Ink, a student-run gallery located in Myles Center for the Arts, allows you to gain some business experience managing a shop and, if you wish, sell your work.

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