COVID-19 Update, June 26, 2020

Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

We hope you are enjoying your summer break. We remain focused on preparing for your return to campus in August. D&E’s Fall 2020 semester will be in-person and on campus, and it will be unlike any in the College’s 116-year history. It will look different, it will feel different, and how we do things will be different. What is unchanged is our commitment to you and to making Davis & Elkins College a special place to learn, live, and work.

“Knock Things Out Before Your Arrival Series” in Friday updates

D&E will start a series of informative pieces in today’s Student Update that outlines a number of timely tasks that students (and parents) should accomplish as the Fall 2020 semester nears. Be sure to read the Student Update to not only put these items on your To Do List, but to get them checked off!

Knock Things Out Before Your Arrival: New Student Medical Entrance Form

The first item on the To Do List in preparing to come to D&E this fall is to contact your doctor’s office and schedule a physical examination for any new student. To access the Davis & Elkins College Entrance Physical Form, click here. A number of new students have already submitted this required form. If you have already done this, it does not need to be submitted again. No action is needed from upperclassmen, as the required forms are already on file.

In the coming weeks, the Knock Things Out Before Your Arrival Series will address items you will need to have accomplished before arriving on campus in August. Please be sure to read this and all items in the series. Additionally, the Enrollment Management team will contact students individually over the next few weeks to provide assistance.

August 15 New Student Orientation: DE Strong

We’re thrilled you have chosen to spend your collegiate years at Davis & Elkins College, and we can’t wait to meet you! The theme for the 2020-21 academic year New Student Orientation is DE Strong and is required for all incoming new students. New Student Orientation officially starts on Saturday, August 15, and provides programming and activities designed to help you thrive both inside and outside the classroom. You will be challenged academically, socially, and spiritually during your time at D&E, and this orientation will inform you of ways to meet the challenges and make the most of your time with us! DE Strong will showcase the resiliency of the D&E community. Rooted in Presbyterian values and the desire to ignite change, each of you will help propel the world that awaits you. We can’t wait for you to begin your D&E journey!

Phased move-in process for all residential students (new and returning)

All residential students (new and returning) will sign up for a block of time to arrive on campus and move items into rooms. During these blocks of time, only 5 students and their accompanying family members (no more than 2 additional family members) will be permitted in each residence hall to move in. International students and domestic students residing a significant distance from campus and/or from confirmed COVID-19 hotspots are encouraged to move in the week of August 3-7. Other residential students are encouraged to move in the week of August 10-14. Residential students living within 90 miles of campus are instructed to move in their belongings and then return home until Saturday, August 15, for new students and Sunday, August 16, for returning students. Full details on the Phased Move-In process can be found here.

No separate move-in/check-in for student-athletes

In order to streamline the move-in and check-in processes, D&E has announced there will be no separate move-in and check-in events for student-athletes involved in the fall sports pre-season. Student-athletes will adhere to the guidelines established for all new and returning related to move-in and check-in.

Planning under way for students who must return to D&E early

Plans are currently under way to provide educational and recreational opportunities for students who must return to campus early for the Fall 2020 semester. This includes international students and domestic students residing a significant distance from campus and/or from confirmed COVID-19 hotspots, who are encouraged to move in the week of August 3-7. Meal service for these early arrivals will be provided in the Benedum Dining Room.

Airport shuttle service for arriving students

Davis & Elkins College will provide airport shuttle service for arriving students. Please make your airport shuttle reservation by clicking here. If you are officially registered/scheduled on a D&E-provided airport shuttle, we will have residence keys and other details prepared for your scheduled evening arrival on campus. NOTE: Please come to the appropriate offices and turn in any necessary paperwork or documentation the following business day.

D&E emphasizes Pre-Return to Campus Guidelines

The health and safety of all students, faculty, staff, and the entire D&E community are our first priority. As such, the College has established the following guidelines for students as they prepare for the August return to campus:

  • Students are asked to self-isolate at home seven (7) days prior to the return to campus.

  • Students may, of course, interact with family members, but community exposure should be discontinued.

  • Check for the symptoms of COVID-19 daily prior to leaving for campus.

  • Do not depart for campus if you or another family member is sick.

  • Masks and social distancing standards should be strictly followed while in transit to campus.

  • Avoid large gatherings and crowds when possible in transit.

  • Follow face covering and handwashing guidelines.

Check this weekly student update, the D&E Mobile App, and your email regularly for updates. The Emergency Notification System (nixle) will also be used as appropriate.

Please practice social distancing and stay well.


Dr. Rosemary Thomas

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Institutional Advancement