COVID-19 Update, April 9, 2020

Dear Davis & Elkins College community,

The long, Easter Holiday Weekend is upon us, a much-needed break following the completion of the third week of the D&E online academic content delivery system. Faculty and staff have indicated that students are doing well in this adjusted format, and we are both appreciative and proud of you.

The sections that follow provide updates that are important to you.

Internet access troubleshooting

Local students who are having trouble accessing the internet should remember that they can use the Booth Library 24/7 area. Students who have internet access problems should bring these concerns to their course instructor, who will work with the student to assess and implement available solutions. Booth Library personnel are available by email at

Students still on campus

A total of 13 students remain on campus who cannot go home. D&E continues to provide “a home away from home” with lodging and food service during this global health crisis for these students, who are unable to return home and are sheltering in place in the Byrd Conference Center.

Commencement options survey

Seniors are urged to complete the survey regarding commencement options if they have not already done so. By completing this survey, the voices of those graduating are heard relating to options presented.

Campus deep cleaning

For weeks, D&E has gone the extra mile to ensure a safe and healthy campus with extra cleaning in high touch areas. Campus facilities are currently undergoing deep cleaning; our steadfast expectation is that you will find a clean and safe environment upon your return.

What do you miss most about campus?

Your departure from the D&E campus occurred quickly. So, what do you miss most about campus? Click on this link to tell us!

Message from President Wood

For D&E President Chris Wood, Easter has always been a day of joy and thanksgiving for a divine gift of unspeakable meaning and beauty. The vision of that day also includes brimming crowds at places of worship. With COVID-19, that vision changed in early March to a world of uncertainty and fear, begging this question: As we currently live in isolation and distance, how do we make sense of the Easter message?

In his weekly Journey message, President Wood found comfort in the words of Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates. In a social media message on the world in which we now live, Gates passionately wrote that the sights of vacant streets and inactivity where people usually thrived are not of emptiness. Rather, they are signs of love for how much we care about each other.

We urge you to watch for a very special video coming Sunday from the familiar site of the Robbins Memorial Chapel on the D&E campus. Listen to the message, consider the words…celebrate the Easter holiday with joy in your heart, knowing that hope remains.

Happy Easter!

Please practice social distancing and stay well.

Dr. Rosemary Thomas

Vice President for Enrollment Management
Institutional Advancement